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There are several good reasons why it is an excellent idea to treat one’s yoga practice to a cranio-sacral therapy session. A session or regular treatments assist with getting into the zone, and maintaining a cutting edge in whatever one’s personal quest entails. In my quest for well-being, and frankly, just getting through tough times and challenges, I regularly reach out to other therapists or practitioners for help, inspiration and assistance for survival and evolution.
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For me the greatest thing single thing about yoga is that is helps one help oneself. But that does not mean you don’t require outside help to assist you do that more effectively:

● While the autonomy, or self-help ability of practicing yoga is priceless, there tends to be, literally, and figuratively, too much pressure on the spine to bear, shift, and process, all on one’s own. Sometimes, and sometimes often times, help is required. Few therapies are as complementary to yoga as cranio-sacral therapy. There are also some things one cannot do on one’s own – reaching the highest peaks of personal development cannot, in my opinion, be achieved without the synergy of a support system.

Of course the vice versa of this applies too, one cannot only go to therapists and others for healing. The seeker has to seek, and do, i.e. develop a self practice:

● From a cranio-sacral therapist’s point of view the therapist cannot hold the space for their clients outside of the therapy room. Sensible, effective yoga practice of the client is essential to develop and maintain their own systemic and spinal health. Even a moderate practice of a few minutes a day, and increased self-awareness, can assist clients to accept an aspect of self-responsibility for their well-being.

More reasons why Yoga and Cranio-Sacral Therapy goes so well together.

Sandra Smit, also a homeopath, is an experienced cranio-sacral therapist with a practice next door to my Muizenberg Yoga Studio.

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 or contact her (+27 (0) 847000690 Whatsapp or message).
For more information or other enquiries please see Sandra’s website and email address:

Special Offer:
Yoga Class & Cranio Session Friday: R 430*

Yoga 9.30 – 10.30 a.m. (R70 drop-in)
Cranio-Sacral Session (80 minutes) (R480)

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to 24 Beach Road, Muizenberg.

● Also check out our Yoga and Crania Sacral Healing Yoga Retreats at our center, Muizenberg, Cape Town.

In pursuit of greater understanding of well-being,
14 March 2016.

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