Urban Yogi

Posted by on Dec 4, 2017 in Blog

Be it as it may, many a modern yogi is perched in an apartment or suburb rather than on a rock, or under a rock, in a cave, or on a hilltop.

I wrote up this description for a recent 5 Day Urban Yogi Meet-up in a noisy location on Main Road. “Come talk yoga, do some yoga, enquire about yoga. At Derek’s Coffee Van on Main Road, in front of b.rood bakery. It’s an opportunity (for me, you, yoga, to have fun), It’s a publicity stunt, it’s an excuse to drink chai, coffee, or pick up a roti, it’s an excuse and inspiratrion to get out and hang out on Main Road. It is what it is, it’s real and its urban yogi.” It was a gas. I met some cool people, it was surreal, doing yoga with Bob Dylan blaring from the cafe speakers, wind howling, it was sublime, a weird satsang of kind at 11 AM.

Yours in urban yoga,
and music
4 December,

Cape Town, 2017

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