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Atha yoga anushasanam!

The view of the chakras and energy fields have been invisible to most human beings for a long, long time. Including yoga practitioners. We may be on the mat, or on meditation cushions, but we are also in a society that has literally zero belief in the esoteric core of metaphysical yoga.

Let the yoga begin! 

The view of the night sky has been obliterated for vast numbers of humanity. Including yoga practitioners. Mostly because we live in cities and look at screens most of our lives. Light pollution diminishes our view. 

Let the yoga begin/Atha yoga anushasanam!
Thus proclaim the first Sutra of Patanjali.

I’m jotting down this blog from Betty’s Bay, just outside Cape Town. Here
one can be in direct touch with the sea, sky and stars.

Patanjali’s Sutra talks about Nature as True Being. Yoga’s “svarupa”. The Mystery of Nature speaks to the yoga practitioner that enters into the State of Yoga, Union. This Yoga is not an idea, or an exercise, it is a combination of both, and Spirit. In direct experience of All Three Aspects.

This state is not something everyone knows about, or has access to. We live in a world dominated by ignorance caused by materialism. Were it not for Elon Musk, fantasy books and sci-fi movies most people may have thought humanity is limited to dreary materialistic existence, perhaps elevated by some degree of fame, fortune or pathos. Even worse is the fear of an uncertain future,  that opens humankind to the manipulations of tyranny of dogma. 

A small number of the billions have the option to choose healthy, ethically produced food. Or the time, energy and inclination to practice yoga. The vast most is scurrying for, or hoarding, food that is produced in some unsustainable manner. 

The vast most is trying to survive, or climb to the top of whatever pile of the funeral pyres we are living on. 

Even more tyranny thrives along these dark paths of greed, corruption and control. 

Yet I am no longer as weary of, or as undermined by the grim reality of our current sociopathic socio-political materialistic “uncivilation”. Possibly because it has not gotten as bad as Revelations describes. At least not on the surface. But  if at all possible I’m sticking to my pro choice sovereignty state of BodyMind. Which is thankfully not so much a stance as it is a yoga practice. 

And this is why I’m sticking with my yoga practice.  Yoga has given me a glimpse of the magnificent Universe and All The Energy Fields, Without and within. Should this make me sound like a zealot, perhaps it is so, perhaps a degree of Zen passion is required along the grails of the gateless gates. 

Blessings, peace, peace, peace, peace

I recorded this below Om Mani Padme Hum towrads the ened of 2021. I’d love to do more of this work this year. I’m allowing the chants to create the flow, and set the stage for greater inner peace.

Patanjali, Sutras of Sage Wisdom. Let the yoga begin. Let’s see what happens next.

Blessings for 2022
5 January 2022.  

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