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Being Yoga Cape Town Johann Kotze

Meditation creates a connection to all that is – a direct connection, within the bodymind. Accessible anytime, anywhere.

In meditation we learn to “be”, to become a being of body, mind and heart, of infinite potential and dimension. Yoga and meditation shows us “effortless effort”, a paradox to the thinking intellect. The dualism dissolves when we are fully present, in the moment. When we become free of the past and future, inner tranquility appears. The veils of linear time exists in the boxes and concepts of past and future realities, limited by stories, thoughts about the stories, and the impressions of the stories on the body. The moment reveals glimpses of infinity.

Becoming aware, in the body, of the greater eternal infinite is the process of “becoming, being”. In mindfulness this builds a connection to the whole, to develop a healthier, more holistic, flexible view of reality and less limited actions and thinking patterns. Becoming conscious.

In yoga this means “to yoke”, to harness all that is, in the moment. Yoga helps us step into this power of now. To be.

One of the most useful things a human being can develop is a positive outlook. Basically, look on the bright side, and keep looking there? Positivity connects us to the present and its potential, to helps us drop past and future limitations.

Blessings for your unlearning of old patterns, and courage to learn more useful pathways,
Johann Kotze,
in yoga and music,
Cape Town.

Meditation Music on Johann Kotze Music & Yoga Youtube Channel

16 Minute Heart-Mind-Cosmic Music to Expand Consciousness. Activate and integrate the heart, throat and third eye chakras, and stimulate left- and right brain integration.
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