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Meditating, with body awareness helps one experience what is mentioned in some texts, ancient or more recent “new age” movements, as the “light body”. Activate & Celebrate Your Light Body:  

What is a light body?

When I talk about the “light body”, “expanding consciousness” and such, I often wonder what this sound like to others, or what it even means! For me it involves an esoteric, somewhat complex idea that suggests transforming ordinary reality, in one’s ordinary body, into an illuminated version. “Light” is also uplifted, a look at life from a place of lightness – a state of enlightenment, or spiritual illumination. In yoga this vantage point develops when the physical body is transformed into a light vehicle, transcending its aspects as a limited material vessel.

In yoga the light body is not an ordinary body

With consistent practice of yoga various changes occur in the bodymind. Thoughts, and the gross physical body, is refined, less dense, rendered lighter. One becomes attuned to ever finer aspects of the inner world, and the unseen nadi and/or meridians and energetic bodies. The metaphysical concept of self-realisation, when the self, realising that it is infinite understands its limitless natural state. In a purification process, initiated by arising awareness of consciousness, of conversion to a “light body” is initiated. See my blog Yoga & Self-realisation.

Meditation is ate the heart of yoga and the key to self-realisation

Yoga instructs us to meditate “in” the body, in the “bodymind”, as a whole. In a state of wholeness “true self” appears, an illumination and awareness that helps expose duality, to reveal a metaphysical philosophy of quantum possibilities. Here one may glimpse a sense of non-linear, eternal self by being in the moment, present. Simultaneously in linear time, in the present moment as the center of a timeline, meditation helps us understand self. We become aware of the whole, the sum, and its parts.

Welcome to the Light Body Activation Chamber

I made the video posted for my 2012 Cosmic Voyage music album as a deluxe re-rlease on A German label, and for the first time digitally, on my own label.

I also wanted to create a visual sense of the original vision I had for the music, a combined connection to the ocean and outer space. We get glimpses of these worlds in sci-fi movies and programs such as the Cosmos t.v. series and modern NASA education visuals (some of the latter is in the video). I uploaded the video with the title Cosmic Voyage Light Body Activation Music – A 15 Minute Ambient Space Consciousness Meditation.

Take the time to tune in to the cosmos

Yes, the video is 15 minutes long. So you need to take the time to take it in. Isn’t that how we learn or experience things?

Another question may perhaps be “why would one want to experience space” in a video without a storyline? We don’t need a plot or a book or a tool to intuitively experience our outer and inner worlds. Meditation is an acquired skill, but I’m sure it is more of a dormant innate ability that simply has to be activated, developed, brought into awareness. Point here is that in order to experience standing on the beach you have to want the experiences, then go there, feet in the sand, salt air in the face, and be open to the experience. When you want to feel the joy of being in the moment you have to learn to do so. The experience demands your action and attention.

Activation of the Light Body works on a mix of elements, not only meditation practice. Doing of good deeds, smiling at the neighbours, light hearted fun, healthier lifestyle and career choices for instance. You may not light up like a beacon, but the body will at least develop a little glow. Do you know what it’s like standing under the night sky, looking up at the stars? Or standing on a mountain, taking a big breath, allowing the heaviness of the world to drop away from your shoulders? When you surrender to the big, vast energy of the universe an acceptance, of the moment, and the journey as a process to understand oneself as a part of cosmic consciousness, comes into view. This is an experience that in the body – it can’t be a head thing. This light has to be felt, brought into the body. It is an essential yoga principle.

OM-ness blessings & illuminations
Johann Kotze Music & Yoga
Muizenberg, Cape Town,
25 June 2015

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