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Next Key >developed the Five Keys technique to provide beginners with a sound overview what I consider as the most important fundamentals of yoga. These are universal, sensible principles of movement, based on good posture and effective breathing, with body stress release as a result. The Five Keys to Well-being emphasises lifestyle integration, so that the vital aspects of yoga practice can encourage holistic well-being.

This simplicity of the presentation provides back-to-basics approach, but the information and insights are equally useful for beginner or advanced yoga practitioners, and beginner or advanced yoga teachers.

It is also my personal ideal that more and more people of the world benefit from the profound knowledge and wisdom of yoga.

Audio: Introduction to the Five Keys to Well-being

The Five Keys are holistic

The Five Keys are interrelated and interdependent. No one key is exclusively physical, mental or spiritual. No key can stand on its own. Effective breathing (Key 2) is dependant on good posture, therefore posture is Key 1. It is not effective, practical or wise to exercise without effective breathing and good posture, therefore movement or mobility is Key 3. Stress release and management (Key 4) via body techniques that releases tension, makes a major aspect of Key 5 – Mindfulness and meditation – much easier.

At the same time these aspects of Key 5 helps with relaxation. Effective yoga, or any activity, can only benefit from holistic, sum-of-the-parts integration.

A further focus of the Five Keys is body-mind-spirit integration, or mindful living. A reasonable level of healthy food, positive attitude and moderate movement as lifestyle orientation is combined with mindful awareness of breath, posture and stress management. This takes place with daily practice of specific techniques of any of the keys, or all the keys. These practices are then gradual absorbed in lifestyle.  

In yoga “every aspect of practice helps develop the whole, and the whole supports development of every aspect, in an endless, uplifting feedback spiral”.

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Five Keys to Well-being

Original 2006 book & CD cover design, photograph taken at Long Beach near Hout Bay in 2005.



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