I love how yoga blends ingenious techniques for physical well-being with evolutionary insights for personal development. But it is one thing to teach or attend a yoga class, quite another to learn and convey the scope of a system thousands of years old.

While information is readily available, actual know-how experience of yoga as a bridge between the material and energetic, inner and outer worlds, and head and heart, is in holistic immersion. “Universal Wisdom” is timeless and hard to pin down, and more easily understood in guided physical yoga. The ancient wisdom philosophy of yoga is also easily understood when archaic explanations,  jargon or obscure analogies are replaced with direct perception of, and personal connection to, current cultural references.

Cape Town Advanced Intensive Course

You investigate, in direct perception, application and integration of Yoga

To go beyond the benefits and instruction of asana, and knowing chakra names, the basics of pranayama and meditation, requires a slow, mindful and heartfelt, conceptual and experientially understood, next level knowing. In the yoga tradition the deeper level training comes from direct perception and integration of the rich layers and subtle nuances of the Yoga of Union.

Mainstream and stream of consciousness

Students, aspirant teachers, teachers, teachers of teachers, or seekers of any kind, gravitate to yoga teacher training for professional and personal development. A mainstream 200 hour teacher training in one month is a great place to start, but simply not a suitable platform to explore the depth of the greater yoga philosophy. While the many worthy courses do cover the principles of yoga the focus is on the doing of the mainstream yoga, as many courses cater for yoga as an aspect of mainstream lifestyle practice.

The beautiful, conscious, holistic yoga practices of ancient and timeless Universal Wisdom are available for yogis of all kinds to practice and share.

A yoga intensive with Johann Kotze

I am always excited to share observations and applications of yoga from my own experiences of it, which started with my personal healing journey aged 25. Formed by an intuitive interest in nature, mysticism and esoteric cultures from early childhood, with an awareness of philosophy, metaphysics and literature, has been blessed with excellent teachers training in the Sivananda lineage.

The mystery and practicalities of the vast system of yoga inspires me as much as it helps me through lows or challenges, and I am even more amped now to share my practices than when I just started teaching in 1993. But the course is, of course, about Yoga and its application to each individual BodyMind Soul journey.

My joy of yoga is in how it has become an application of the joy of an advanced, but simple to do yoga of understanding, to bring together aspects of mystical, sports, science, art and medicine, for personal growth and collective well-being. This has been the benefits of a accessible, inspired vision of Yoga that learned from the Sivananda system. I am pleased to be able to pay that gift forward.

● Turn on your Bliss with Yoga
–  7 Day 50 Hour Module details. 7 Day Intensive, 9-15 September, Cape Town, South Africa.

● 200 Hour Teacher Training 
– 4 integrated modules.

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