“Bliss” is described in many wisdom traditions as total happiness. Yoga calls it “Samadhi” and tells us clearly and simply how to attain its “enlightenment”. A complete bodymind-spirit practice of yoga show us how to integrate this bliss into everyday living.

An understanding of bliss as non-duality is necessary for yoga teachers and practitioners to develop skills, on and off the mat, to tap into bliss, amidst the polarised duality reality.

Yoga Course Intensive Johann Kotze

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Learn the skills necessary for your journey of evolution of consciousness, a blend of invigorating and restorative, healing and meditative yoga. Participant level is of moderate yoga ability. The small group allows for therapeutic personal healing, and imparting of skills and insights that may be applied personally or professionally. Opportunity for self-reflection, participant presentation and feedback is provided to learn and evaluate the learning. Chill-out drinks, snacks and lunch breaks help integrate the learning.

Every day recaps previous days learning, to embody and contextualise the learning. The final day includes integration of topics of each days, and a collective future vision of how to rewire self and pay the Bliss forward.

We develop a Yoga practice to rewire the bodymind 

To experience bliss we have to break our bondage to the illusions of our life patterns (programmed behaviour) and surroundings (the consciousness field of the world). We develop skills to turn on the bliss, and by following our own bliss, in commitment to freedom or liberation from the ordinary limitation reality, we transfer it to the ordinary. To install everyday Bliss it has to become a conscious way of being. This helps us drop out of adverse or conflict causing thoughts, emotions and actions more easily.

This journey to samadhi combines philosophical understanding of who and what we are, in the world, and help know ourselves as Human Beings. We practice to adjust our reality perceptions, and yoga, to operate from a healthy inner place to invoke and maintain Bliss. Our intensive is a quest to learn how to rewire the bodymind with the Yoga of Understanding Union and Self-realisation.

Day by Day Topics 

Each topic/day of the course is a whole practice or system in its own right, and may incorporated into any yoga practice, or other modalities. The collective provide a general understanding of the Yoga of Understanding for a life journey of self-realisation.

While the basic idea of Bliss is simplistically duality and non-duality awareness, there is plenty good reasons why samadhi is not a condition a complex human being, wrapped in layers of perception-illusion, attain. Holistic healing requires skilful rewiring of every aspect of being, all of which is addressed by the extraordinary yoga system. Release or transformation of anger, trauma, frustration, stress and other blockages, make way for new, healthier ways of being. encouraging self to realise who and what “Self” is.

Fortunately yoga teachers and practitioners may experience a great joy by just becoming aware of the magnificent blueprint of bliss-consciousness wired into the bodymind. Bliss is in that realisation of Self, and in the growing of Yoga as Union. The transformation of that consciousness evolves, day by day, on every level.

For this to happen the practitioner must Go Within, Surrender to Grace and Trust Divine Will over self will. This process is a metaphysical, a science of perception, and not a belief system, based in physics and Love.

Chakra System/Subtle Body

The chakras are a bridge between the material and unseen energetic worlds. In yogic physiology this system of vortexes interact with the endocrine system and organs, to influence the BodyMind – physiology and psychology, personality, emotion, intellect etc. True self, realised Self is reached via healing of trauma and delusion in the chakra system, to balances the being and usher in soul expression and manifest divine Bliss consciousness.

Metaphysics of duality and non-duality

To activate a next level yoga and life practice insights from Adveita Yoga is integrated on, and off the mat. A blend of mysticism and physics helps the practitioner to evolve consciousness through awareness of non-duality. Physical, mental and emotional integration occurs when the bodymind drops out of ordinary fragmented reality, to discover an inner. holistic reality. The 1 minute video provides insights into the laws of holistic healing.

Shiva & Shakti, Ida, Pingala & Nadi 

Knowledge of the chakras and nadi combined with conceptual understanding of non-duality defines the difference between exercise and yoga. Yogic wisdom of how the subtle body interacts in magnificence with the bodymind and the universe within, opens up a deeper grasp of Patanjali’s Sutra’s. The modern yogi requires a big picture insight into how the left and right “halves” of the brain and body, masculine and feminine, is important for symmetrical energetic flow and symbolic alignment, on multiple levels. See my blog.

Patanjali’s Sutras 

This 8 limbs theory and suggestions for a complete yoga practice is an insightful summary of yogic traditions, prior to 400 CE when it was compiled, and forms a basis of much what is currently taught in yoga teachers training. Considerate, holistic integration of the Sutras surely but slowly mature into yoga life wisdom.

Five Keys of Effective Yoga

Detailed understanding of the tremendous impact of posture on breath, and breathing and posture on mobility and strength, combined with a comprehensive understanding of stress release and mindfulness is essential for any effective yoga practitioner or teacher. Deep appreciation of the value of simple hatha yoga should inform practice of any style of any level practitioner. This is a buildt-in safeguard to sustainable longevity of a practice, and potentise advanced practices. The Five Keys to Well-being are pre-requisite to any effective yoga, and the key to and basis of Lifestyle Bliss.

Mantra, mudra, bandha & meditation

Bliss is a vibrational reality, a high frequency vibration that the yogi reaches in the inwardness state of pratyahara, the highest yoga of the 8 limbs. Here all conflict or polarity/separation dissolves, in a bodymind state of Universal One-ness non-duality. Mudra and bandha, with knowledge of the chakra system and meridians, and connection to All That Is, as experienced in the OM Mantra, channels the Life Force within to realise the bliss frequency. Further lifestyle integration is required to evolve day-to-day Bliss.

Surrender & Self-realisation

Self-realisation is a personal, individual quest to loosen the binds of karma, and transcend the limitations of old ways of being – but it cannot be achieved alone, or without social responsibility. By enlightening the inner world, the outer world gains light. Turn on the Bliss to co-create with Higher (OverSelf), the local Spirit world and the Universe for a sustainable reality that is futuristic and ancient – in the now! When the limited self is rewired to higher states of Self, and self will surrendered to Divine Will, higher states of Self begins to form, and the illuminated bodymind acknowledges and honours Prana as the Life Force that drives the mystery that is Creation.

The Bliss Module part of my 4 Module, 200 Hour Teacher Training

Course certification 

Participants who attend the full course receives a certificate of attendance; please note that I am not RYT registered – for certification considerations please see this link for more info, and why my course is what it is.

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