My classes are accessible for beginners, but also include simple advanced practices for experienced yogi’s. My aim is to share an easy and effective practice and understanding of yoga. This helps students of any level to leave a class feeling great, and develop a more conscious way of everyday being, in body and mind. Doing yoga on a deep, holistic level is a life affirming mindfulness practice. The sea-view yoga studio provides a lovely oceanic atmosphere.

Class times & fees
 Beginner and experienced practitioners are welcome in all classes
● Studio regulars are of varied demographic mix of occupation, age and gender

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More about Johann Kotze’s Yoga Style 

My wish is that every person attending a class with me leaves with a greater sense of well-being. And I believe anyone can, with a bit of effort, do my classes and go home with an awakened, inspired bodymind and greater connection to inner peace. How to achieve such elevated states within ordinary reality is uniquely addressed by yoga, arguably the most advanced system of personal development on the planet. It is my privilege and blessing to enjoy and share what I know of its significance and magnificence. Read more…  Yoga in Cape Town with an experienced teacher.

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