Music for yoga and meditation to help create more expansive, focussed states, and activate bodymind states of mindful awareness. Playlists with my compositions and performances may be streamed online on all the digital services. includes relaxing music, power flow yoga music, mantra and music for nidra. There is chill out music for yogi’s, surf music, and ambient music; tranquil, evocative or cinematic.

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For my Live Yoga Music please see NADA Yoga – Sound Consciousness. Regularly in the studio, chanting, keyboards, guitar and singing bowls, mostly but not exclusively with pranayama, meditation and Nadi. Special events with guest artists, and expandable to larger venues.

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Music is magical

For me creativity is no different to meditation, or doing yoga. Quiet music, or music with pulse or drive, can fill a space with frequencies that evoke a breathing, rising, falling, expanding vibrational universe. Composing or producing is nothing but playing with moving layers of sound, audible awareness, or light frequencies.

I think of this as Consciousness Music. The flow of creative energy, and result of the creativity, comes from the source. So my wish for these sounds is that they infuse the spaces where people live, work, create, do yoga or meditation or therapy in, with energy to assist their processes of becoming conscious, to help “awaken a light resonance” connection to the infinite. Reference my blog and Music for Light Body Consciousness video. 

Royalty Free Licensing

My music is licensed to apps, used on Youtube videos, in therapy practices, public or private, and offered on many third party royalty free stock websites.

● All
public tracks are available for Royalty Free Licensing at $ 25 per track for standard, non-exclusive, digital use
● Exclusively licenses available for commissions

Please contact me with your query. 

● Visit Ambient Hypnosis for my higher dimensional music for healing and consciousness work.

Enjoy! Blessings, Johann, November 2019.

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