Module 2 of 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training
– 7 Day 50 Hour Course, with day attendance option

Johann Kotze Yoga Training

 The Art of Teaching Yoga based in the Practice of Yoga

Module 2 of 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training, though not only for aspiring teachers.

Obtain clarity, confidence and purpose in the Practice of Yoga: Hatha Yoga is far more than practice of asana or sequences, at any level or capacity. Develop a deep and solid asana and pranayama practice as foundation for meditation well-being. Appreciation of a complete Yoga brings the committed practitioner of yoga in line with its goal of self-realisation.

The Art of Teaching is understood in self observation, and observation of others. We learn that own practice and teaching yoga adheres to the same principles. Actual teaching skills are workshopped. We learn how knowledge of beginner, intermediate and advanced asana (and other) practices are applied individually, to ourselves, and especially in a class context where each practitioner remains an individual. There are threads of remedial or healing yoga, power yoga, advanced practice made accessible, yoga to survive and thrive in the modern world, anatomy and more.

● Day 1 Yoga as Sacred & Holistic Union
Saturday 17 November
● Day 2 Effective Yoga to Free & Focus the BodyMind
Sunday 18 November
● Day 3 Asana & Pranayama for Vinyasa Flow Variations, Slow & Powerful 
Friday 23 November
● Day 4 Yoga: Active Physical Meditation & Philosophy
Saturday 24 November
● Day 5 Anatomy & Physiology, Simple & Advanced Yoga BodyMind
Sunday 25 November
● Day 6 Mantra, Chakras & Self-realisation
Saturday 1 December
● Day 7 The Yoga Way & Advanced Yoga
Sunday 2 December

The course content is directed at the sharing and application of the Yoga Way – holistic authenticity is motivated and encouraged.

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Particpants of the full week receive a course manual and certification.

● 7 Day 50 Hour Course with focus on one topic per day
● Single day(s) attendance optional

Venue: Johann Kotze Music & Yoga Studio at Muizenberg Beach, a coastal village on the edge of Cape Town city.

● R 3 750
● R 600 per day (includes tea)

Please email me with any enquiries, to book and make a deposit to ensure your place.
Whatsapp 0827335939

Please contact me with your enquiries, or to book to ensure your place.

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