A 200 hour training certification is the minimum requirement for a yoga teachers qualification. Some places of employment demand certification, some don’t. Most respect a solid CV, or failing work experience, accept qualifications in other disciplines, or evidence of a yoga based knowledge.

Basic yoga teacher training programs are frequently extended to 300, 500, and 700 hour courses, or popular short course formats of 25, 50 or 75 hours.

The U.S. based RYT Yoga Alliance is the modern credential authority, although according to the organisation itself simply helps set a standard: “the Yoga Alliance Registry is a voluntary credentialing system. The teacher registry is not a certification program, but a listing of teachers who meet Yoga Alliance’s Requirements for teaching” – from Wikipedia, see link). Yoga Teacher training institutions, however, widely utilise the RTY trademark registration to market their courses.

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Yoga teacher training certification with Johann Kotze in Cape Town

Certification is not registered with Yoga Alliance, as I am not registered with the organisation. Even though my training exceeds basic RYT requirement, I studied yoga pre-RYT era and the school, Ananda Kutir in Cape Town, did not accept RYT regulation. With the yoga popularity boom in the 2000’s some traditions and individuals refused the associated commercialisation. A lot has been said on the topic, and this useful article, especially the comments section, is worth consideration.

I am not “against” RYT, nor am I pro tradition for the sake of tradition. But I am eternally grateful for my schooling in the direct lineage founded on the principles of the Sivananda Divine Life Society, one of the greatest Indian and international yoga schools of our time. I obtained a teacher qualification and attended nearly 1 000 of hours of Science of Yoga and remedial yoga therapy with Swami Parvathi and Mother Yogesh, who were instructed by Swami Venkatsenanda, the esteemed disciple of Swami Sivananda.

Main consideration, for me, is to follow one’s heart and soul, and always ask higher self for wisdom and guidance. That is what the ancient, timeless yoga of Universal Wisdom asks of us.

Reasons to study with me and not worry about RYT certification

If you prefer an authentic yoga in an non-commercial studio
If you don’t immediately seek commercial employment
If you want to do the course for personal enrichment, healing and in a small group
If you already have an RYT
You usually pay a lot more for RYT courses

Reasons to acquire RYT certification 

If you want an immediate jump start in the commercial yoga environment 
● Some institutions give preference to RYT qualified teachers
RYT status provides an air of repute
RYT courses are moderated to conform to commercially popular styles of yoga 
RYT may sooner or later be a career advantage  

Please contact me with your enquiries.

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Mother Yogesh and Swami Parvathi at Swami Sivanada’s Pillar, at Ananda Kutir. Photo credits below, of a special honouring event of these two spirits who shared the yoga tradition with me is from a Yoga Awakening Africa webpage about the event. I am forever grateful for that privilege. In the pics are other lucky students from the ashram, and swami Vijay to the left of me. Johann, 30 June, 2018. ॐ ॐ ॐ

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