My vocation is to share the practical magnificence and spiritual significance of yoga in an easy going manner with a super do-able practice. My calling as a musician is to bring light consciousness to sound. And have some fun along the way.


15 November

No mind is everything

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As the Bhagavat Gita says, we are everything, and nothing. No mind, the Zen practice of awareness, shows us soon as the thinking mind stops, true self emerges, and the above statement becomes true. The thinking mind cannot grasp this, and does not want to subject itself to this bigger reality. Should it do so […]

6 November

Soaking the mind and body

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For me a decisive feature of India is its philosophy of self-realisation. On the surface there is much ritual and religion, considered a first step towards enlightenment. The next level is various means of service and professional devotion, also apparent on the surface. These are worldly expressions of religion and faith, tied into concepts of […]

17 October

A loose arrangement, with inner focus

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There is something timelessly beautiful about a clean, elegant, functional, simplistic and sensitive design. This is also how it is when we inhabit our bodies, poised, in a comfortable arrangement of muscle and bone, a display of posture and movement, with the inner focus of the Zen art of flower arrangement. A Zen flower arrangement has what some […]



    “Thanks for all your guidance and wisdom over the years, from the large power yoga classes to the intimate small studios you had.”

    - Sarah


    “What I love about your class is the individual attention and your sense of humour”.

    - Nadia


    Your vocation is more valuable than hypnotherapy, psychiatry, psychology and pharma put together. Thank you for all that you share and show. I am most grateful.

    - Natasha


    Namaste Johann – I dig your vibe. Your music and words are powerful. Thank you for following your bliss.


    - Tim Keim


    I feel so good after your classes. And it helps me manifest what I want, because it works with the feeling of what I want, in my body, not only in the mind.

    - Marcel


    Om Namah Sivaya Om Namah Sivaya. Hara Hara Bole, Namah Sivaya Om!

    - Michael


    After listening to the 3 hour consciousness music stream it felt as if I were in deep space, and my headache disappeared. Thank you!

    - Chiara