My teacher's vocation is to share the practical magnificence and spiritual significance of yoga in a modern and authentic way, with an easy going, simple, do-able and effective practice. Beginners and experienced practitioners are welcome in all classes - see class schedule. My music is an expression of light consciousness in sound and suitable for experiencing expansive states of being. I feel blessed to "work at life" in service of others, and benefit from the inspiration, techniques, wisdom and joy I receive in sharing.


4 February

Surf Yoga Muizenberg, Cape Town

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For me only surfing rivals the pleasure I derive from yoga. Riding a perfect wave perfectly actually easily beats most yoga practices. Paddling out on a glassy ocean, light on the water, reflecting the sky, is a liquid, dream version of meditation so powerful that it can change one’s life forever. If you live in Muizenberg, surf, […]

28 January

A dream of a yoga studio in Muizenberg

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A dream come true – a yoga studio in Muizenberg. South East facing, morning light that pours through the tall old world windows on the wooden floors. Lovely blue yonder views over False Bay and close proximity to the beach and ocean. What a wonderful blessing. Living and working, right by the seaside, a fantasy for […]

1 January

My yoga class video for your home practice

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A simple yoga session for home practice. The level of the class content is beginner to intermediate. Using the video Please note that the video itself is not a beginner’s yoga instruction, the poses are not explained and no cautions are given, i.e. there is no contraindications provided for any of the practices. The visuals […]



    “Thanks for all your guidance and wisdom over the years, from the large power yoga classes to the intimate small studios you had.”

    - Sarah


    “What I love about your class is the individual attention and your sense of humour”.

    - Nadia


    Your vocation is more valuable than hypnotherapy, psychiatry, psychology and pharma put together. Thank you for all that you share and show. I am most grateful.

    - Natasha


    Namaste Johann – I dig your vibe. Your music and words are powerful. Thank you for following your bliss.


    - Tim Keim


    I feel so good after your classes. And it helps me manifest what I want, because it works with the feeling of what I want, in my body, not only in the mind.

    - Marcel


    Om Namah Sivaya Om Namah Sivaya. Hara Hara Bole, Namah Sivaya Om!

    - Michael


    After listening to the 3 hour consciousness music stream it felt as if I were in deep space, and my headache disappeared. Thank you!

    - Chiara