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Enjoy a hatha yoga practice with me, Johann Kotze, experienced yogi, musician and author. Feel great with an authentic, holistic yoga class, broadcasted from a small studio with a seaview at Muizenberg Beach, Cape Town.

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30 Mar 2022

Yoga & Sound Healing Holistic Therapy

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When I compiled my accumulated insights and practices of yoga for my Yoga Training material a few years ago, my appreciation of the vast efficiency and practical benefit of the yoga system grew to even higher levels than I already experienced. As an offshoot to these training modules came the opportunity to consolidate my 30 […]

  • I’ve done yoga for more than forty years, attending classes in South Africa, Europe, and the U.S.A. Johann is far and away my all-time favourite yoga teacher. His deep familiarity and comfort with the discipline shows up as an ideal combination of relaxation and exertion. Johann embodies and teaches the spiritual aspect of the practice in a way that is helpful and spacious, thankfully never evangelical. Now that I’ve emigrated, Johann’s yoga classes are near the top of my list of things I miss about living in Cape Town.

    - Jennifer Woodhull, Buddhist Scholar


    I have used Johann’s CD’s on my courses and they seem to keep meditators in Alpha and are excellent in the background when meditating.

    - Natalia Baker, Meditation Facilitator


    “Thanks for all your guidance and wisdom over the years, from the large power yoga classes to the intimate small studios you had.”

    - Sarah, Yoga Student


    “What I love about your class is the individual attention and your sense of humour”.

    - Nadia, a working girl and mom


    Your yoga is a vocation more valuable than hypnotherapy, psychiatry, psychology and pharma put together. Thank you for all that you share and show. I am most grateful.

    - Natasha, therapist


    Namaste Johann – I dig your vibe. Your music and words are powerful. Thank you for following your bliss.


    - Tim Keim, yoga teacher & author


    I feel so good after your classes. And it helps me manifest what I want, because it works with the feeling of what I want, in my body, not only in the mind.

    - Marcel, photographer


    Om Namah Sivaya Om Namah Sivaya. Hara Hara Bole, Namah Sivaya Om!

    - Michael, financial services professional


    After listening to the 3 hour consciousness music stream it felt as if I were in deep space, and my headache disappeared. Thank you!

    - Chiara, fan, via the www.


    As a yoga beginner I found Johann’s style to be very welcoming and easy going. Despite not being able to do some of the poses correctly, he never made me feel silly. If you’re thinking of starting yoga, try a class with him!

    - Philip, IT entrepreneur
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