A yoga studio in Muizenberg with experienced teacher Johann Kotze "My teacher's vocation is to share the practical magnificence and spiritual significance of yoga, in a modern and authentic way, with a doable and effective practice." Beginners and experienced practitioners are welcome in all classes. My music is an expression of light consciousness to experience expansive states of being. I feel blessed to "work at life" in service of others, and benefit from the inspiration, wisdom and joy I receive in sharing.

Yoga Muizenberg Class Schedule


4 November

Science is not everything. Yoga is. Or is it?

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How on earth is it possible to know what is, and what isn’t? I suspect impossible. On earth, anyway. Earth is only one tiny planet, the universe is… well, we don’t know how large, or even, for that matter (pun intended) what is. So for me it makes 100% sense to not dismiss anything outright, except […]

28 October

Awareness awakens wisdom, technique shows us how

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In yoga technique is the ability to consciously access the life force energy. Technique is a practical thing, required to render the body and mind a more effective tool. Spiritual or “meaning of life” reflection rather than “effective for performance sake” puts the technique to uplifting use. Both technique and inspiration, in evolving synergy, helps develop all yoga […]

14 October

Yoga at Surfer’s Corner… @ African Soul Surfer

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Surfer’s Corner, Muizenberg, Cape Town, South Africa is one of the coolest surf towns in the world. A great place to catch a wave on a long board, short board, old board, new board, boogie board, SUP, surf ski, paddle ski, whatever floats. On a nice weather days over weekends throngs of visitors flock to coffee shops, surf schools, […]



    “Thanks for all your guidance and wisdom over the years, from the large power yoga classes to the intimate small studios you had.”

    - Sarah


    “What I love about your class is the individual attention and your sense of humour”.

    - Nadia


    Your vocation is more valuable than hypnotherapy, psychiatry, psychology and pharma put together. Thank you for all that you share and show. I am most grateful.

    - Natasha


    Namaste Johann – I dig your vibe. Your music and words are powerful. Thank you for following your bliss.


    - Tim Keim


    I feel so good after your classes. And it helps me manifest what I want, because it works with the feeling of what I want, in my body, not only in the mind.

    - Marcel


    Om Namah Sivaya Om Namah Sivaya. Hara Hara Bole, Namah Sivaya Om!

    - Michael


    After listening to the 3 hour consciousness music stream it felt as if I were in deep space, and my headache disappeared. Thank you!

    - Chiara