My vocation is to share the practical magnificence and spiritual significance of yoga in an easy going manner with a super do-able practice. My calling as a musician is to bring light consciousness to sound. And have some fun along the way.


29 August

Sound design for bodymind optimisation

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People, including myself, and not only in yoga class, often says random sounding things such as “expand your consciousness”, which, when one critically asks what that actually means, can be hard to say. To make a cover image for a music project called “Enhance Consciousness” may seem even worse. Thinking a little about sound, and […]

28 August

The Yoga Bodymind

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We live, every day, in our bodies. It let’s us get around on our legs, using the body and arms, and we’re in the body, day in and day out, all life long. Intellectually much of our life plays in our heads, this is where we think about life, and pursue much of our functionality. We also feel the […]

8 July

Yoga – a healing practice

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There is a certain brutality to great truths. For instance, this quote “If the dead past is not buried, our whole mind begins to stink and makes life impossible for us”. Swami Sivananda was well loved, for many reasons, and my teachers at yoga school, who learned directly from this great yogi, told us he […]