A Deep Meditation Practice to Explore Who Am I

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This is a practical experience of my Who Am I Blog – please see the link before going ahead with the below practice.

Practice the metaphysics of Who Am I

● Set aside at least 10 minutes
● For deep inner meditation practice its best to make sure you are sitting comfortably, and won’t be disturbed

Deep Meditation 

● Do a few minutes of any energising pranayama, then become still, in full bodymind awareness of the life force within
● Feel the consciousness, direct your attention to your body intelligence or higher self and ask for guidance from it
● Ask yourself “who is doing this practice” – don’t intellectualise or analyse your answer, simply feel the contemplation, in the body
● Bring yourself to /keep consciousness with a few deep, slow, full trunk, full awareness uija breaths
● Observe how this “self” exists in context of your beliefs around yourself and what you experience as your life
● Go deeper within, follow your attention and breath into the heart, stay there for a minute
● Breathe into the solar plexus and observe the body, your attention well under the surface of thinking mind and emotion
● Should an emotion or feeling surface, just observe how it pulls you to though and feeling, then return to breath awareness
● Go deep into the belly, follow your breath there, and remain there
● Take 3 long, large, slow whole trunk breaths, in and out of the nose, with a few moments of easily holing the inhale, relaxing on the exhale
● Notice yourself, wholly immersed in the Life Force within, and be connected to the reality all around you

The practice will develop the capacity to explore consciousness, in the body.

Life application:
Evaluation and integration

Repeat the practice, daily, seven days in a row.
Ask yourself “What is possible” right after the practice, and a few hours or a day after the practice. Compare the answers.

How do I feel, every day? Who do I think I am?

● Experience Supernature Meditation (complimentary to above practice)

Pay it forward: share your wisdom with the world around you. Inner Peace, World Peace. Be the change, thus interacting “in consciousness” the Supreme Gifts of Grace, through our own unique Divine Self.

Yours in Yoga
Muizenberg, Cape Town
27 February 2017

Johann Kotze Yoga Meditation Cape Town



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