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Who Am I Yoga Johann Kotze
The simple question “Who am I” is the basis of a profound method of self-enquiry. Should the question catch your interest you will find it worth a read and your steady commitment to apply the message of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi (online pdf).

When “what you are not” drops away only Self remains. Every nuance of subtle or gross “I am” notion hides the “limitless self”.  When the limitations of the finite reality, embedded in ego identification with the world, is remove, the light of consciousness /true self illuminates ordinary reality as a fraction of Creation. “Unconsciousness” separates “I” from one-ness with veils of ignorance, an analogy for the limitation of “not seeing clearly”; narrow minded, unclear, non-inclusive thinking unaware of “the whole”.  In direct connection to the limitlessness of consciousness “I” becomes one with All because true Self is then in direct oneness with the Supreme Being.

This state reveals human supernature. It is holistic, i.e. not fragmented, therefore such consciousness is unfathomable by the intellect, and goes beyond a vague spirituality. True, specific holstic bodymind practices (specific advanced yoga for instance) helps alter the capacity of the nervous system to allow the bodymind self (expanded supernature) to grasp the difference between limitation and supernature.

Meditation may transcend the “ordinary” limited (partial) reality to make possible an experience of the sum of the parts as greater than an experience of an “I” seperated from its conscious wholeness. in meditation, in conjunction with asana and pranayama, study, and self-enquiry understanding and Satsang (conscious community).

Practice: Explore “Who am I” in Deep Meditation (Instruction)

Johann, Yours in Yoga
Muizenberg, Cape Town
7 February 2017

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