Altitude of Gratitude

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One thing worth being grateful for is gratitude. To appreciate feels wonderful, as is the feeling of being appreciated. Being grateful helps us gain higher ground; instead of sinking into the quagmire of the many aspects of life that are bothersome, or, for example, instead of feeling entitled or oblivious to the everyday gifts that surrounds us, ALL the time.

Although we sometimes fall way short on this invaluable attitude when the going gets tough, “appreciation of appreciation” is nurtured by simply taking note of “what is”, when “it” is. And when not feeling so awesome, just let things be, and be grateful when things are awesome. With practice we learn to become aware of the glass being half full, not half empty. Which is, of course, a full glass. The uplifting energy of appreciation may just be enough momentum to carry us through the trough to the next peak. The bliss of that peak experience is the necessary fuel of life to inspire higher living. Or the energy to aspire to, and develop the life skills to achieve such a life.

A simple uplifting yoga practice

In yoga the practice of pranayama – to lengthen or alter the breath, and therefore contact with Life Force – is a great way to mix gratitude practice with meditation. Just sit in meditation, mindful of you, yourself, and the breath, in the body. Take a sow, deep breath,  and gently hold it, for a few moments, in awareness of the expansive potential of the moment, without holding on to the moment. Breathe out. Now place your hands in prayer, and be grateful, physically. Not the word or the concept, but the energy. Of course holding an inhale for a few relaxed, focussed moments, is in itself uplifting, so combine the above techniques. With practice we begin to feel how frequencies form our lives, and learn how to choose frequencies that form positive, life affirming patterns in our lives.

Gain altitude with the attitude of gratitude. Get into the habit to follow your bliss and your highest self.

27 June 2017

Sacred geometry water crystals from the page of Masaru Emoto, and texts from his book “Messages from water”.
PS. See yantra for another connection of yoga to frequency, form and appreciation.Sacred Geometry Gratitude Frequency

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