God & the Timeless Truth of the Bhagavad Gita

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The Bhagavat Gita is packed with a density of descriptions and experiences so outside of the ordinary norm of expression that its message is perhaps impenetrable without simplifying. But its wisdom is hidden in plain sight, and when approached with patience, concentration and openness it is apparent why it is revered as a parable of timeless truth by students of the Vedanta and yoga.

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One way to approach the Gita

Assuming you have a bit of a bigger picture understanding of yoga philosophy it may help to select a single page, randomly, or by looking at the chapter headers, searching for a key phrase that piques your interest. I chose as example the section “Way to Brahman”.  Read slowly, look up one or two key words you don’t know, remain focussed on the one page. Apply simple reasoning, and don’t be phased by the appearance of the text that is by comparison more Shakespearean than Twitter.

If the infinite way of being, or the path to ongoing spiritual communion, would lead to knowing God, and knowing that Brahman in the Gita can be an aspect of the Godhead, then one is simply to sit in meditation, focus on the heart center, and feel or express a silent or sounded OM. Thus freedom is attained. This is a liberation self where wisdom triumphs over ignorance, the light of truth that dispels the veils of the unreal.

In my consideration whether one is referencing Vedanta commentators or reading varying meanings into what Brahman exactly is there is a basic exploration of understanding self as a possible non-dual expression of soul (Atman) with Brahman as its essence.  The quest of yoga is nor scholarly nor physical practice nor in the realm of religion, but a personal quest to reveal, to oneself, the eternal light of all that is – God within.

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