How to use yoga to help release your limitations

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Practice of asana and prananyama, yoga exercises and breathing, reduces body stress, and raises vitality. Mental and emotional limitations is removed as the practice works through the body and nervous system for personal growth. Possibility of a better way of life emerges in awareness of true self that begins to replace unreal self (limited, shallow or worldly “persona” self).

Yet the yoga practitioner remains in the world, embedded in deeper in physical reality. However the vantage point of the bigger self, part of an expanded, less limited reality, provides self-knowledge and expansion, and inner peace.

Such yoga helps us realise who and what we are – to know our essence. Releasing the limitations of who and what we are not allows us to embrace a life less restricted by belief systems. Belief systems are the thoughts and emotions that keeps us imprisoned in “ordinary reality”, the systems “of the world”, religion, commerce and government. In ego identification the realities and possibilities (or impossibilities) imposed on us by society, our parents, schooling and the media keeps the “unenlightened” self, ignorant of true self, trapped in endless cycles of temporary release of suffering and more suffering.

Practice conscious, specific and holistic yoga meditation combining bodymind connection to Whole Self

These two advanced deep meditation practices will develop the capacity to explore limitless consciousness.

Experience Supernature Self
Supernature self is more expansive, with greater capacity for focus; in every way, less blinkered, less limited. Supernature exists within ordinary self, underneath the surface of conditioned limitation. To see and explore this universe within the inner world requires willingness to go within.

● Who am I?
The Teachings of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi and a metaphysical deep meditation application.

Muizenberg, Cape Town
7 February 2017


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