Light of All Light

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Light of All light is a music production I created as a seed for peace. It hints at a metaphysical-spiritual notion that there is “a greater Light” behind the “ordinary light” of the world. That peace is always there, thought mostly buried under layers of outer conflict.

When one connects with the conscious awareness of inner peace, it begins to shines from the heart and mind, a reflection of the Light of a greater one-ness that begins to influence the way we are in the world.

Beyond the scope of the ordinary, rational mind

It is useful to remember that consciousness is a force far greater than any other. This awareness, in its own right, changes how one looks at the world, and how the world is. Everything has to begin somewhere. By changing little things, big changes are possible.

Individuals often feel the struggle for peace is futile. And when that struggle is outside of the support of a large community it largely is. Universal consciousness dissolves the conflicts that arise from duality.

When parties are in direct, polar opposite conflict, each claiming they are right, whatever their belief or conviction, they feel the other is wrong, and must be changed, or destroyed. Then lasting peace cannot be attained. Rulers, war criminals and others who benefit from dualism rule the planet with divide and rule tactics. They know that fundamental, dualistic beliefs always causes strife. They don’t want peace.

Conflict situation can only be transformed when people are transformed. Peace or agreements may be negotiated, that at best stalls further conflict, but it is a temporary peace, that of a drug addict without drugs, not an entity without the desire for the drugs.

Searching for peace appears futile when looking at the scope of, for instance the Middle Eastern conflict. How does one reach hundreds of thousands of people, or their leaders, who have already made up their minds and closed their hearts to solutions?

One can really only begin with oneself. With personal transformation, the power of the heart, and consciousness. We have to go within and be the change we would like to see.

Frequency, vibration, change, sound

I created the music track “Go within” (at above link) to inspire the process. Light of All Light is an atmospheric, evocative cinematic soundscape, meant to be listened to as a shamanistic healing tool. Listen and visualise the transformation of the ongoing dualistic, fundamentalist war of the Middle East.

Healing is not possible through self-will alone. Assistance of the one God-Consciousness of All-that-Is is embedded in the soundtrack. “Abba Natoomid”is a Sacred Name, used for centuries for healing and protection, a call for divine assistance.

Listen, go within, and pray for the protection of yourself and those who develop their Inner Light to bring healing to themselves and help heal world division. Invoke conscious one-ness of head and heart, spirit and matter, and visualise humanity aware of its cosmic one-ness.

Listen to “Light of All light” with headphones, or on good sound equipment, when you won’t be disturbed. Close your eyes, and open your heart. Open your inner eye and vizualise peace in the hearts and minds of the people of the Middle Eastern conflict. Just do it, don’t expect sudden peace, and don’t expect no peace. Just keep on asking, sincerely, ask or pray for greater consciousness, for all open to it. This kind of healing is not so much a case of fixing, rather what may be thought of as a “field of prayer”, an energy field that surrounds us, and help protect us and others open to such intentions.

Contemplation breaks limitations, thinking limits. See Healing = whole and it heals spaces.

Desert Star near Eastern Chill-out

“Light of All Light” is from my EP Desert Star Near Eastern Chill-out

Peace Blessings,
Johann Kotze Music & Yoga, Cape Town,
12 March, 2015.

“What is real never ceases to be.
The unreal never is.”
The Bhagavad Gita.


  1. Annie
    March 29, 2015

    Thank you Johann. It’s beautiful.

    • Johann
      March 30, 2015

      Sacred peace energy radiating 🙂 Keep the track spinning :-))


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