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Align with your intentions

Get clear on what it is you wish to achieve when starting a project. Clear intentions help invoke the necessary synergy for effective planning and implementation of strategies. What exactly do you want to achieve?

According to yoga, a vision and a pragmatic technique of what you’d like to attain, is well served by meditation.

Start with meditation: be it a new day, a new year or long term enterprise, clarify and potentise the project, just like you would in a yoga class. And strengthen the meditation with advanced yoga techniques.

Technique supports vision

Strong technique supports skill, and promotes sound action. In yoga meditation leads to “right action”, which springs from a Body-Mind-Spirit Source Integrity. Be in this Creative Zone and you will maintain Inner Peace with far greater ease. The resulting strength lets you put your foot down and stand firm, be more flexible, and roll with the punches, out of harms way.

It takes courage and perseverance to Awaken this Potential. Yoga is filled to the brim with practices to encourage and keep the Inner Fire alive. We learn and hold various Signs of Power, so we can discover how to “be yogic” in our daily lives, in the world.

In yoga meditation itself is supported by a host of practices. The Peace Sign in the top graphic is a cultural signal that sends a specific social message. It is similar to the specific hand positions, or mudras, of yoga. Read more about mudras and how to use them.

Inspiration and Divine Guidance

YogaPeaceWithout the teachings, insights, art, lessons and practical leadership of Buddha and Christ, Bob Marley and Madiba, Da Vinci and Shakespeare cultural poverty and spiritual void reigns.

Divine Guidance, be it one’s personal Inner Awareness of the Force, as in Star Wars, or a personal connection with goddess Lakshmi (my graphic to the right, as example) of the myriad expressions of the Feminine aspect of the Divine, are all revealed when earnestly taking the time to go within, into the Sacred Inner Sanctum of Self, and become conscious in that way.

Avoid getting bogged down too much with religious trappings, cultural programs and intellectual specifics.

Om Tare Tuttare Ture Soha

Tara means “to shine”. It is used in an ancient Sanskrit Mantra, a beautiful prayer:
Tara, liberate us from fear, and find deliverance and the path to the heart.

This is what may be understood as Buddha Consciousness and Christ Consciousness.
Blessed are we when we connect with the Inner Divine. Help hold this peace in the world.

In Yoga,
Muizenberg, Cape Town
5 January 2016.

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