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The local surf yoga scene looked so inviting on this website that the national television broadcaster sent a t.v. crew and presenter to film us doing what we love best: giving yoga and surf lessons at one of the best kept location secrets of the new surf yoga scene.

Magazine programs love exciting, original visual stories. They wanted to put my yoga, the ocean, my original music and vision of blending ancient tradition and wisdom with  fun, healthy lifestyle practice with surf yoga, one of the fastest growing trends in travel, together.

This is why I joint ventured with African Soul Surfer, the beach travel lodge on Surfers Corner that has a sea-view yoga studio, right across from the cities most popular surf spot, where surfing began on the Cape shores. Muizenberg beach with its easy wave has long been renowned as one easiest places in the world to learn surfing, for beginners, and those just venturing out into deep swell surfing.

Surf Yoga Beach Cape Town MuizenbergNow we are also promoting Muizenberg as a prime destination to learn yoga – experienced or beginners are welcome to learn, experience or develop their yoga, with or without surfing, with me. This is the at the heart of our Cape Town Surf Yoga Studio and Surf Yoga packages.

We got lucky with a gorgeous early winter April day, sunny and warm. As a bonus we did not even have to put up much of a performance for the t.v. people: we just did our surf/yoga camp combo, as is; a yoga class, at the Soul Surfer studio, an organic superfood breakfast, changed into wetsuits, another yoga session on the beach in wetsuits, in preparation of the surf lesson, sweating by now, it was hot! It all took just under 3 hours, a real-time surf yoga reality show.

And what a reality too choose: to be on one of Cape Town and the worlds best beaches, doing two of the best things on the planet – yoga and surfing. Live the dream. Why choose any other version of reality?

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