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R100.00 R80.00



●  Class streamed in real time for when you can’t get to a real class

See Class times
 the kind of yoga you will do at Johann Kotze Music & Yoga
Also available at my Yoga Online:
Individual Skype Classes
Free Class Videos
●  Free Webinars
●  Skype Workshops

Please email me with any queries or use Whatsapp +27 (0) 827335939
Skype me 
at yogijohann but please request an appointment using above contact information.


When you make a purchase I will receive an email notification of the purchase.
Please add me to your Skype contacts and send me an invite back to yogijohann.
I call you just before class begins.
Please set up your mobile or computer in relation to your mat or chair that allows you to see and hear me.
In order for your sound to not disturb the live yoga class in progress or other Skypers I turn down the sound on my side.



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