A Law of Healing – Holographic Nature Holism

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The interconnection of all things

Holism as healing is a natural law of non-duality. Everything that exists is a part of All That Is. This principle of Advaita Yoga non-duality is a fundamental law of natural healing. Disconnection from the whole is a polarised, artificial and limited, dualistic (mis)perception.

The way we live on Earth depends on how we perceive the interconnection of all things.

How we look at the sky, the clouds, the sunlight, provides conscious understanding of the living systems of Earth. In ignorance of the interconnected intelligence of the Universe we may destroy nature in our quest for progress.

In understanding of nature we may co-create with nature, our technology, science, art and lifestyle, in tune with our natural habitat. When our natural intelligence is Universally Connected there is the wisdom of holographic holism – as above, so below, and within.

This is a natural law of healing and evolution.

Yoga is a holistic philosophy

In the practice of Yoga as Union we learn to thrive in conscious connection to All That Is. Every cell, emotion and thought is vibrationally, holographically, a seed of Universal Potential. When every aspect of asana, pranayama and meditation, and philosophy, comes together, on the mat, and in lifestyle, there is yoga.

We combine the practices and philosophy of a yoga of understanding in my training intensive – details here.

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