Heart Chakra and Love & Light

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Chakra Healing

The unconditional power of love is required to manifest the Light of Love as a gift of spirit. Such love provides the compassion and kindness to overcome all fear and desire. Only complete self-acceptance and total self love is unconditional, and is required to unconditionally embrace others and everything. We may begin this process by investigating one’s own heart.

When the heart is steady, and the mind open, joy flows

Every chakra is part of the magnificent chakra system, and each must be balanced in relation to itself and the system. A state of harmonious flow and connection to the greater life force, and that life force within, is a healthy system. There must be flux, growth or change, else it is a stagnant system. Yet a healthy system also has a quality of steadiness. With practice we can live more from the heart, in love, inwards, and outwards. This is true surrender, to All That Is, within, and without.

To integrate body, mind and spirit requires systemic chakra healing. It is important to connect in every aspect of light and shadow, of the top and bottom chakras, their inner and outer aspects. Each chakra has to be individually purified, activated and balanced, and always in relation to the every other chakra. Every chakra is a piece of the puzzle, and a key to personal transformation into higher being. But the heart is placed in the middle of the chakra system, from this position we simultaneously evolve into ascension, and materialise or descend into the body. Note the significance of the Star of David, or merkeba, in the symbol for this blog, part of the 7 chakras collection in my studio, for me a major essence of not the image, but substance, of yoga. The balanced chakra system let’s us integrate vertically, in the body, on earth, under the heavens. Then we can expand horizontally with ease.

In this Sacred heart there is no judgement, witholding, want for, or need. As such the heart chakra is central to the self love, an unconditional experience of God’s love, or the consciousness experienced in a state of surrender. From here superluminal energy flows in direct perception of, and connection to Divine Self.

To open the heart is to, as in the saying, to live in Love & Light
– a Blessing of Grace.
23 April 2017.

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  1. Alexander Nikiforou
    April 26, 2017

    Wow very well put.

    • Johann
      May 3, 2017

      Message from the heart 🙂


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