OM-ness: The Universal Sound

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The sound of the universe, the tone of all that is 

The OM symbol and sound mantra connects practitioner with the seed-sound essence of the universe and the Godhead. It is an ancient incantation symbolising the origin of creation, and the underlying one-ness of everything in it. A hum-drone is formed on the exhale, which is, of course, made possible by an inhale. The yogi literally breathes life into the sound: A-U-M.

The inhale is in itself a conscious connection to the life force, Prana, the “fabric” of the universe. So it is that the OM or AUM is the most powerful of all mantras. The vibration of “all that is” is eternal, without birth or death, and as it resonates within us. Yet its mysteries cannot be penetrated by the limitations of the human understanding or the thinking mind.

Meditation on OM reveals the Sacred, Infinite Mind

OM Sacred Merkaba Pyramid

Awesome OM-ness: a simple, powerful practice

The graphic design above depicts the Sacred Geometry Vibrations of the OM Symbol and Merkeba Meditation Pyramid. Utilise your a visualisation and be guided or inspired by the two recordings of the OM on this page.  Chant with, or just allow the sound to wash over and through you. Visualise how it helps awaken your innate light body wisdom. Then sit in silent meditation for a few minutes, observing the breath, in the body, the inhale a gift, the exhale in awareness of consciousness or the life force within. Wonder in gratitude and in awareness of the awesome magnificence of your being – body, mind and spirit.

Repeat the practice regularly, with the recordings, or create your own AUM sound, and chant it to create your own vibrations with voice and body, or silently.

Art & production notes: The original pyramid graphic behind the OM symbol and cosmic design on by Nyako Nakar.
I first recorded the “unplugged” A-U-M Chant and remixed the OM Dub version at the top of the blog from it. The remix has a radical sound design to quickly propel the listener right into the zone. Play it loud! A third slightly different version of the unplugged OM is in this video on my Youtube channel.

Blessings of Awesome OM-ness,
Johann Kotze Music & Yoga
Cape Town
25 May 2016

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