Shine a light on the shadows

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What happens when a candle is lit in the dark? Light appears, and shadows.

Awareness is the light that highlights the seen, and the unseen. Without awareness of the those unseen, dark and shadowy areas, and its interplay with the light, unhealthy behaviour occur. All behaviour is influenced by both light and dark. Ignorance is the unaware – become aware of the shadow side and you bring light to the unknown, or unnoticed – consciousness brought into conscious. Fear, literal or symbolic, backs off where there is light.

Integrating one’s shadow side is essential to well-being

One’s “dark side” includes physical, mental or emotional damage. This may be anything from birth trauma to illness to accidents and personal abuse. Healing the complex layers of bodymind – the yoga concept that all the parts are an indivisible part of the whole – requires extreme skill and diligence. It is vital to note that fear, again symbolic or real, has to be transformed into fearlessness, else it simply goes undercover, and operate as one’s shadow side. By that example underlying, hidden fear, sabotages conscious behaviour with its un-holistic agenda.

Yoga helps accomplish healing

Yoga is a potent combined awareness and skills practice. It guides its practitioner to an understanding of well-being, holistic health on its multiple levels, and simultaneously nourishes bodymind consciousness. Innate healing intelligence, inside the practitioner, and in relation to the world and the cosmos, is awakened. This is very different from  externally applied knowledge/mechanics systems prevalent in the world at this stage.

Disease occurs first on an emotional level. We get sick when we stress to much, eat too much, or too little, or run too fast or go too slow. Every single thought and feeling form in the body, and accumulates.  If not letting go of, or transformed, these energies breaks or interferes with natural healing.

Bring light to the dark, and the dark is transformed. Bring such awareness to the whole being, and the being is made whole. Light is wisdom and also “light”, and brings great joy to life.  

NJoY! Feel the Bliss!
Johann, Cape Town,
15 August 2017
ॐ ॐ ॐ

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  1. Debra Bester
    September 3, 2017

    Wise words. Continue to spread the light and wisdom. Namaste.

    • Johann
      September 4, 2017

      Yoga provides us the means to learn to connect to the light of our inner wisdom – which is a mirror of the Greater Light.


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