Sound of Yoga: Mantra Monk Music

Posted by on Feb 5, 2020 in Blog

The music video clips below are of three diverse music genres, fused into one… Iron Monk Mantra Blues… chant/overtone voice with slide guitar, keyboard, and singing bowl. Iron Monk is the working title for the sound of the 1st video, which is new music for my Ambient Hypnosis Music label. I am working these sounds into a new set for live performance for my NADA Yoga Music Project. The 2020 plan is to continue with more Sound & Yoga events – link for live dates.

Vibratory frequencies… sound activates, or tunes the chakras… to higher geometries… now those words may appear as esoteric fluff, yet they are simply pointing to how the BodyMind may be attuned to non-physical plains… yoga… music… sound… breath… timespace… The Way… of All That Is…

A blend of blues with mantra. Kundalini chant with electric guitar… chase the devils away… Mojo Rises… 

Straight forward OM to Shiva… Creator… Creation… Consciousness.

Yours in Love & Light, in Yoga & Sound,
Johann, Cape Town
22 January 2020.

Mantra Chant Johann Kotze

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