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Aware “thinking”, self-observation in the sense of meditative contemplation and watching oneself as in a science study, noting behaviour, reactions, energy or anxiety levels, being mindful of the environment, it’s part of yoga, as the path of yoga is towards union, of Self with Everything. From the outset make sure that self-indulgence and self-centredenss is not the same as self-enquiry 🙂

I published the below posts recently on Instagram. My “yoga life considerations” often find their way into a blog, become part of a class theme, get incorporated into a workshop manual, or go towards my new teachers training course. Main thing for me is how writing notes help me understand asana and other practices. The grand yoga goal of self-realisation is always a process of everyday self-eqnuiry into everyday yoga practices. There are no shortcuts.

Another sunrise at my studio. I published this post yesterday morning on Facebook this time after my personal early morning practice. I often type up a my “yoga life considerations” as kind of “artists way” diary: “Yoga does not deny the intellect or animal aspects of being. It was formalised to “yoke” or harness all aspects of being human – body, mind and spirit, broadly speaking. Intellectualising, exercising or spiritualising, or having any one of those examples dominating any facet of being, or denying any part of the whole is incomplete. Incompleteness is a dangerous situation, it is unpractical and unfulfilling. Human nature is not even, in the sense of “always calm”, or any such “same-ness”. The ups and downs are part of the same whole, and like planetary nature with all its aspects the highs and lows are part of a system. For the system to be in balance there has to be harmonious flow for all its elements. The wind does not dominate the planet. Nor does water, or any other aspect of the system, seek power over another part. The human bodymind likewise requires holistic balance to be healthy, therefore it must seek thoughtful and mindful synergy of its physical, spiritual, social and myriad other dimensions. This includes surrender of ego and self will. When thus in tune with its bigger heritage of magnificent being it is on the path towards realising itself.” #yogalife #yogaunion #veda #hathayoga #holistic

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