1 Jan 2015

My yoga class videos for your home practice

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My Yoga Class Video, beginner to intermediate levels. One Playlist with 3 Individual Videos for convenient practice of the full 65 minute class. Or practice any sequence on its own, with a choice of 3 sequence lengths. ●  Part 1 Floor Sequence 22 Minutes ●  Part 2 Standing Sequence 23 Minutes ●  Part 3 Floor Sequence 14 Minutes More sequence combination suggestions for […]

11 Dec 2014

My online yoga classes

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For me the only thing that beats teaching a yoga class is doing yoga on my own. These are two very different ways of practicing yoga. So much so that, superficial resemblance aside, the two are practically not all the same. In a yoga studio the teacher acts as a guide, making room for the […]

15 Nov 2014

No mind is everything

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No mind, the Zen practice of awareness, shows us soon as the thinking mind stops, true self emerges, and the above statement becomes true. The thinking mind cannot grasp this, and does not want to subject itself to this bigger reality. Should it do so it seizes to exist, and it’s game over for the […]

6 Nov 2014

Soaking mind and body in India & Self-realisation

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Immersed in Rishikesh, India. Historically one of the most yogic areas on the planet, a culture in stark contrast to the Western world I live in. A decisive feature of India is becoming, for me, a seemingly built-in philosophy of self-realisation. On the surface there is much ritual and religion, and the next level of various means of full-time […]

17 Oct 2014

A loose arrangement, with inner focus, and cosmic connection

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There is something timelessly beautiful about a clean, elegant, functional, simplistic and sensitive design. This is also how it is when we inhabit our bodies, poised, in a comfortable arrangement of muscle and bone, a display of posture and movement, with the inner focus of the Zen art of flower arrangement. A Zen flower arrangement has what some […]

6 Oct 2014

Celebrating the end

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How can we move on if we don’t leave? It’s a bit like the old country song joke, “Honey how can I miss you if you don’t go away”. Our world, and us living in it, is curiously attached to staying in it, considering the way we, as a society, tend to hang on to […]

29 Aug 2014

Sound design for bodymind optimisation

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People, including myself, and not only in yoga class, often says random sounding things such as “expand your consciousness”. When one critically asks what that actually means, it can be hard to say. To make a cover image for a music project called “Enhance Consciousness” may seem even worse! Thinking a little about sound, and […]

28 Aug 2014

The Yoga Bodymind

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We live, every day, in our bodies. It let’s us get around on our legs, using the body and arms, and we’re in the body, day in and day out, all life long. Intellectually much of our life plays in our heads, this is where we think about life, and pursue much of our functionality. We also feel the […]

8 Jul 2014

Yoga – a healing practice

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There is a certain brutality to great truths. For instance, this quote “If the dead past is not buried, our whole mind begins to stink and makes life impossible for us”. Swami Sivananda was well loved, for many reasons, and my teachers at yoga school, who learned directly from this great yogi, told us he […]

13 Jun 2014

Mindfulness and yoga practice Part 2

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Yoga practice helps us experience glimpses of our potential. Connecting with ourselves in class is only a first step. Mindfulness happens when yoga techniques transform our everyday lives into an evolving, extraordinary experience, of practical physical functionality, and inner peace. Yoga points out that no-one person or group of people, no personal status or possession, no compliment […]

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