6 Oct 2015

Held, heard and moved

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I am an avid explorer of cognitive and bodywork therapies, especially a fan of holistic disciplines supportive of yoga. In combination these provide preventative health care, are supplemental to well-being and personal development, and have value as intervention or intervention support in case of acute or chronic conditions. People like being held, heard and moved  At my recent […]

30 Sep 2015

Meditation can be short, sweet & easy

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Meditation is at the centre of yoga practice. Not only sitting in meditation, also the meditative awareness while practicing asana. Without it yoga would be “unconscious”, and not yoga. Asana and pranayama practice was actually promoted by ancient yogi’s as a means to meditation as their ultimate goal. Meditation, as mindfulness/awareness, and as a spiritual practice, can be thought […]

23 Sep 2015

Breathe effectively, be Mindful, expand your Consciousness

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A lot of people ask me, a lot of the time, a rather tricky question. They want to know what kind of yoga I do. To answer I may in future refer all enquiries to this blog :-)) I just submitted a “who am I’ and “what will I say” synopsis to the organisers of a speaking […]

16 Sep 2015

The body knows

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The body knows everything. Every cell is aware of the breath. It becomes aware of the life force the inhalation will bring, even before it happens, and as the exhale takes place the body receives the energy.  The bodymind is a device of mindfulness that results in consciousness. It is awareness of self, of the body as an object, of […]

9 Sep 2015

Be in the world, not of the world, and find eternal peace

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Nature show us how beautiful, fragile and powerful we are. Seasons come, seasons go. One constant remains: change. When we release into this wisdom we may to connect with our inner, “forever” self. When every end is a new beginning we may learn how to be in the world, not of the world. A wellspring of Eternal Peace. […]

4 Aug 2015

Go within. Be the change.

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The simple act of drawing the breath deeply, slowly into the body, and breathing out, with focus, soothes the nervous system. The bodymind is instantly stilled, and energised. The breath itself enhances absorption of oxygen and elimination of toxins. In a matter of a few minutes practice much life force is taken in. We use this easy breath and meditation technique in […]

27 Jul 2015

Learn to access true inner peace with yoga

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A yoga class is a time set aside, away from the humdrum and excitement of our daily lives. The “far away” I refer to is not so much geographical distance, or a period of time, rather a state of mind. In a yoga class we may identify inner peace, gain access to it, and learn […]

13 Jul 2015

Yoga, purpose and community

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Yoga is one of the great happening things of our time. From New York City to surfer’s in Australia, more and more people are doing it. Of course yoga is as old as the mountains (pun intended) and ancient Tibetans and has been promoted as far back as the oldest books on the planet, the […]

13 Jul 2015

A Weekend Yoga Retreat

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A wonderful opportunity to do yoga at leisure, at a lovely place, only one hour drive drive from Cape Town city. At Fynbos Estate, you feel secluded and welcome, a great place to easily connect to your eternal, inner peace. ● End of September weekend, Friday 25 – Sunday 27th, 2015 ● R 1 700 includes all activities, […]

11 Jul 2015

Lightness of being

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I often wonder what it sounds like when persons talk about stuff like “light bodies” to others who are not so accustomed to such things. Sometimes I even wonder myself, as part of an ongoing of enquiry of what reality may be, and how to present the multiple options from my yoga teacher perspective. I recently […]

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