Five Keys Mindfulness Integration

Key 5 is about integration of the first 4 keys (good posture, effective breathing, efficient movement, and stress release and management). The “Spirit Key” adds meditation and lifestyle, including diet, and is about how to bring the first keys into everyday living. Mindfulness – living mindfully – then becomes an immensely effective holistic tool to improve quality of life.

How to make body-mind-spirit integration and mindfulness a reality

When you make the Five Keys an integral part of your everyday living, your lifestyle realities and priorities shift and inspires you to place well-being at the forefront of your life focus.

Practicing the Five Keys as part of everyday living simply means you do the same things you always do, but better. Choosing a high quality holistic life experience is its own reward, to adopt a positive attitude that places well-being at the heart of everyday life means taking care in everything you do; how you think, eat, exercise and interact with others. By incorporating breath, posture, movement and bodymind stress release you will gain the necessary momentum to change, into the person or being you’d like to be, gradually, over time. Then transformation becomes a reality, not without some discipline and self-motivation, also not with an unsurmountable expectation.

Practice any one or two of the below, daily:

● A few focused minutes of stretching
● A brief meditation of 2 – 5 minutes, ideally in the morning
● A few minutes of lying down relaxation at the end of the day
● Get up and from wherever you are sitting, and practice a few mobility exercises
● Take a few deep breaths, specially breathing when working long hours
● Check in with yourself to be mindfully be aware of your breathing, posture and state of mind

Audio: 8 minute guided meditation

The Holistic Five Keys tip:
Key 5 Body-mind-spirit integration (Mindfulness)

Key 5 is end result of the preceding Keys, and the beginning of the process. It’s meditation practice is thought of as the highest aspect of yoga practice. It is a culmination of lifestyle application of all the Keys. Good posture and efficient breathing is practiced at work or at leisure, and this helps with stress release and stress management.

Lifestyle also includes diet and attitude, and a healthy approach to self-discipline and accepting self-responsibility for one’s health. These components feed back into the preceding Keys. Well-being is truly the wellness of the whole being, the holistic self, with all its aspects of work, pal, body, mind, thoughts, ideas, emotions, life history, family, creativity, and so on.  All the aspects of being, body, mind, and spirit, cannot be separated.

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