A One-to-One personal session is oriented around your unique life situation to determine which aspects of yoga will help you best serve your body-mind-spiritual growth.

●  Enjoy client specific, individual attention
●  Beginners often prefer to have a private consultation before starting classes
●  Find a suitable mix of exercise, therapeutic adjustment and approach/guidance
●  Schedule a session when you can’t make it to classes
●  Individual coaching/witnessing is a staple of personal development

You can also Skype me for a personal session – get in the zone with my Online Yoga

With a video call from the yoga studio it is possible to effectively demonstrate a technique, and observe a client, remotely. A Skype video conversation consultation is even easier.

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please contact me with your email enquiries or WhatsApp (+27) 0827335939

Yoga for well-being and therapy

For alleviation of physical, mental and emotional conditions, management of chronic conditions and potential healing. Yoga is an essential aspect for those seeking holistic body-mind-spirit solutions to chronic problems.

An individual assessment is made. In remedial yoga therapy I develop a self-help skill/management with attainable goals with the client.

Remedial yoga treats the whole being – methods may include hands-on yoga physiotherapy and counselling. Yoga helps improve sleep, reduce stress, alleviate anxiety, enhance weight loss etc. Effective correction and adjustments can be made. Pivotal insights into how we are, inner bodies and lives, are more readily communicated in a one-to-one session.

A yoga One-to-One is especially useful for those who are unable to participate comfortably in group classes for health reasons.

Beginners: introducing the beginner to yoga

A once-off personal session is recommended for new students and particularly those in need of rehabilitation or suffering chronic ailments – see the introductory special and rates further below. The beginner is shown the principles of Yoga, specific challenges and areas to be improved upon are identified, and an awareness of how to do this is established.

Personal Yoga Masterclass

Taking training to the next level includes a greater understanding of yoga metaphysics and paying greater attention to details the bigger picture concept is as important as the streamlining of a sequence. Our personal growth is often well-served by an objective observer. Development is different from regular classes as some techniques and insights are more effectively transmitted than in a group class.

Private Personal Training 

Personal training i.e. strength, fitness and for sport and activities, is beneficial for those interested to know how to utilise yoga techniques for high performance.

●  Good posture and improved overall muscle tone creates a slim appearance
●  Increased metabolic functioning and endocrine balance assists with weight-loss
●  Flexibility and strength training improves sports performance and reduces risk of injury
●  Efficient breathing boosts vitality
●  Mental focus enhances all functions

PowerUp with Sun Salutations 

A healthy mind and body enhances productivity PowerUp™  is a 4-30 minute power flow workout routine. Increase flexibility, strength and stamina, for lean tone, strength and mobile agility. I put together a quick and effective routine practice for those who work hard, play hard and want to look good at it. Based on the Yoga Sun Salute Sequence, an excellent tool for powerful application to personal training, surf yoga, sports, and demanding tasks that require increased vitality and decreased stress levels.

Surf Yoga – learn invaluable skills, on the waves, and off

Personal Yoga Instruction Muizenberg

Fees Beach Road

●  R 450 per hour  ●  R 500 per hour for 2 persons  ●  R 600 per hour for 3 persons
●  New student special offer R250 with sign-up for 10 classes or an Unlimited Month

Book Now Yoga Cape Townplease contact me with your email enquiries or WhatsApp 0827335939


  1. Keara
    July 20, 2015

    Hi Johann ?

    We’ve been in correspondence on FB in regards to my photographic wave series – you, me and the sea.
    I hope you are well!

    I would love to hve a one on one yoga session with you. My body is in a lot of pain & I feel a one on one session before I join group sessions is in order.

    Will you be able to help me this week?

    Warm regards,

    • Johann
      July 22, 2015

      Absolutely. I have an inclusive 1-1 special of R 200 for an sign-up of new students. And it is the best wa y to go. Sorry to hear of our pain. Just send me an email at the contact form to arrange a time?

    • Johann
      July 22, 2015

      As you noticed I missed your request/comment before you got here on the other class special :-)) By all means a 1-1 is a good idea, still, there is a R 200 special for a new person sign-up. Sure that will help alleviate the pain problem. Just email me or use the contact form (you have my email) to arrange.


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