To understand what yoga is about one may look at its end goal of “self-realisation”. To know (realise) who you are, and that this self exists temporarily in the material world as a soul in a body. Such self-realisation is a state of bodymind, union one-ness with all that is, “in” consciousness.

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Connect with the divine self with sacred sound vibrations 

It is through awareness of the body, and the universe, through the practices of yoga, that human potential may be fulfilled. All aspects of everything that exists are considered aspects of a cosmic whole, an “intelligent” consciousness, at once physical and energetic, material and mysterious.

This cosmic field is honoured and tuned in to with the OM chant. The sound vibration represents the “sound of the universe”, a vibration that connects the individual self with its origins as an aspect of the Godhead, the Supreme Being.

One-ness with self, healing the parts of the whole – body, mind and spirit, is one-ness with all that is, including direct experience of one’s divine essence. The practice of yoga techniques are to help return the body to knowing sacred self, with the bodymind as a temple of divine essence, to realise who we truly are – the goal of yoga practice.

Manifesting this pure essence, in material life, is in this context one’s soul purpose. Becoming conscious is then a process of “healing self” through re-connection to the whole self.

Yoga meditation clears the mind by helping the meditator to experience stillness, in the present, an objective state unclouded by thought and emotion. This is a physical, in the body experience, a bodymind state, that includes the intellect and accessing the “consciousness” life force beyond the brain. The same energy that supports the body that supports the brain, and sustains life. And just like fear, focus, anger or love has different effects and measurable frequencies that can be experienced by the body, so does music.

The most essential sound in yoga is perhaps the sound of one’s own breath and voice. Both breath and sound is the result of breath, and breath is life. Creating the OM or AUM sound unifies the bodymind with “universal all that is”, God or the Godhead, as a consciousness, not an intellectual abstraction or dogma. Through yoga breathing we literally breathe life into our bodies, lives and consciousness. Adding sound and mantra, visualisations and devotion to our practices we literally create an inner world experience of the universe.

Music with Sacred Names, created in consciousness meditation 

A chant to Shiva is an honour and praise as an expression of the greater life force of Prana, or God consciousness.

In other words yoga meditation has a mental and spiritual aspect to assist the practitioner to be in the present and together with asana practice and other yoga techniques attain the frequencies necessary to open the gateways of awareness and consciousness required to focus and expand oneself to realise who one is, and to realise this self, in God consciousness, on the earthly planet plane.

Listen to Sacred Name Music tracks for Yoga & Self-realisation:

●  Chakra Mantra Program with Sacred Names 

Introduction invocation, in prayer, devotion and deep humility to the Godhead, represented by OM (AUM). Greeting is given to Eloha Umma, “God of the Universal Soul”. The Sacred Name is spoken and intoned, for this Chakra Mantra is to be used by sons and daughters in service of Light and love.

Collection includes a 15 minute track Deep Peace of OM That Is and Holy Doves of Eternal Peace with the Sacred Names Shekina and Yahweh.

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