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Breath and food are the main source fuels for life. While food takes time (and energy) to digest before it provides its nutrients and energy, breathing provides the most direct access to the life force that animates life – an intrinsic aspect of all metabolic function. So while healthy nutrition, i.e. balanced meals that exclude processed foods, are key to a healthy body and mind, breath is is not only the first sign of life. but also makes digestion and detoxification possible.

To breathe effectively requires an upright and relaxed posture, based on strong core muscles. To achieve good posture requires mobility. Therefore efficient movement exercises based on effective breathing is essential for a holistic well-being program.

Apart from the aforementioned “breath action” optimising the respiratory function itself is vital for robust well-being. Effective breathing improves oxygenation, and helps deliver peak performance by regulating mood, focus and concentration.

12 x Full Trunk Instruct to Inspire Videos

Awareness and understanding of breath plays a vital role in mindfulness based programs for well-being. The following video series is in support of my Five Keys to Well-being program, but is also essential for any effective yoga practice. Both are built on the full trunk ujia breath, equally important for beginner and advanced practice. It’s the basis for all pranayama, makes for an effective mindfulness program, and serves sustainable primary healthcare lifestyle for health as wealth.

Study the 12 videos sequentially from Part 1.

The full trunk way of breathing is a vital life skill. it supports your BodyMind with detoxification, energy uptake and focus, for vitality of all body functions from digestive to cardio-vascular to the nervous system.

Powerully maintain mental and physiological well-being with 3 X full trunk, whole body breaths, upon waking in the morning, at intervals at work, driving home from work, and on arrival at home.

Mindful awareness of upright, relaxed posture is essential to effective breathing and an effective mindfulness practice. This 30 second video shows how to sit with ease at work, or anywhere, and release stress on a sigh (mouth) exhale.

Build core strenght with effectively executed side stretches with effective full trunk breathing, into the side stretch, up out of the side stretches, and with a centring, upright full trunk abdominally powered . All breaths, particularly the exhales through the nose.

The Full Trunk Breath brings energy directly into the BodyMind, to replenish its Life Force that is depleted with constant doing and outwards directed action. Drawing ones attention within, with the breath, and holding the nourishing energy to be readily absorbed effectively stems the outflow of energy. When practiced regularly the full trunk breath rejuvenates the bodymind from inside out for a sustainable well-being support.

Whole body mobility in conjunction with core strength during full trunk breath/side stretch exercises boosts health of the lungs and heart, the midriff organs (liver, spleen, pancreas, kidneys etc) and abdominal organs, especially the digestive system. The spine is conditioned and resulting strong core muscle groups better support the back.

A slow, deep, Full Trunk Breath opens the body and mind to more, and extended contact with the Life Force Energy present in the atmosphere. Simultaneously with deep, slow breathing there is greater contact with the old energy to be exhaled, which improves detoxification.

An accentuated Full Trunk exhale powerfully stimulates abdominal health with its massaging effect. It also strenghtens the core muscles to effectively shape the body and stabilize sitting positions, and supports the back for more physically demanding activities.

Internalising a slow, deep full trunk breath is an advanced breath energy absorbtion practice. It is at once energising, and calming as it slows down all doing in the BodyMind. When there is no business, or spending of energy, the system, filled with life force, effectively recharges on the inhale, and discharges toxicities on a sigh exhale through the mouth.

Regular full trunk breaths in an upright seated position, at work, driving, or anywhere casual, create a relaxed, graceful potural habit. In relaxed upridgthness three powerfull nostril exhalations, with strong abdominal muscle force in the direction of the spine, stimulate vigour of all systems. The immediated combined effect is a calm focussed mind, and in the long term, you will look as good as your inner sense of well-being feels.

A slow side stretch movement with a strong breath combination delivers otpimzed, next level practice of all the previous sequences. When the skills of the previous videos are mastered, do a set of three side stretches, with nostril exhales, and conclude with an upright, centring and calm breath to detox and de-stress on the exhale. Slower is for Mindfulness, faster (Video 12) is for a Power Up. Add additional inhale with abdominal exhale/lift (Video 8), and/or held breath, or more.

A dynamic side stretch movement with a strong breath combination delivers otpimzed, next level practice of all the previous sequences. When the skills of the previous videos are mastered, do a set of three side stretches, with nostril in and exhales. Conclude with an upright, centring and calm nostril breath for a clear mind. Hold the breath to absorb Life Force, exhale through mouth to release stress and toxicity. Add additional inhale with abdominal exhale/lift (Video 8), and/or held breath, or more.

Keep on breathing!
More videos to be uploaded.

This video series was created to synergise with a nutrition challenge program

I recently partnered in an exciting new adventure in support of a plant based diet routine. See the lifestyle nutrition page for the Raw & Roots Wellness Challenge. I deliver a simple breath and stretch practice, of a few minutes a day, for a personally actionable well-being routine.

Please contact me with any enquiries.

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