Binaural Beats Music to balance left and right brain hemispheres

Posted by on Jun 2, 2014 in Blog

I produced a Binaural Beats soundtrack to help balance left and right brain hemispheres, and assist body-mind integration, for the video below. I figured it would help me further my alternate nostril yoga breathing for whole brain integration.

Watch the video for the information and experiment, listening on headphones. You will see how binaural beats music with a stereo sound design soundtrack works.

This soundtrack is edited from a 12 min track. Stream or buy.

A hommage to the whale and dolphin ascended masters, a celebration of the rise of the new earth

The next video soundtrack was part of an interesting journey and experiment for me. I dabbled with therapy music and binaural beat music for years now. At times I’ve been half convinced of its effectivity, also sure it had potential that I have not yet tapped in to. Many pieces of the puzzle of several lines of thought came together staying up late one night working on soundtrack for a UK plantarium dome projection that incorporated whale sounds and dolphin singing. I had such powerful dreams of dolphins and whales (obviously influenced by the movie intended for a whale festival) that I was inspired to bring the project into alignment with binaural sounds, sound therapy and yoga.

And my intention was for the listener to connect to the beautiful energy of the dream I had. For the video below I wrote:
“Watch the screen until it goes black at 1 min 30, then close your eyes and allow yourself to experience a flood of love and wisdom, and be open to and able to speak and live your truth after entrainment process.”

“Heart-Mind Cosmic Consciousness Connector with Binaural Beats”

Please make sure you listen on headphones (your computer speakers won’t do). On good quality loudspeakers, ensure you are in the optimum stereo listening position.

Yours in music, yoga and light,
Johann Kotze, Cape Town,
Monday, 2 June, 2014.

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