Breathe effectively, be Mindful, expand your Consciousness

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A lot of people ask me, a lot of the time, a rather tricky question. They want to know what kind of yoga I do.

To answer I may in future refer all enquiries to this blog :-)) I just submitted a “who am I’ and “what will I say” synopsis to the organisers of a speaking engagement. Some of the info I sent them may go some of the way towards clarifying what I am about as a yoga teacher.

Anyone can do it

I also quote myself, from this website: “My vocation is to share the practical magnificence and spiritual significance of yoga in a modern and authentic way, with a doable and effective practice”. A passion to share the simple little gifts of yoga that makes a big difference. Easy but not lightweight practices, proof that meditation can be easy, short and sweet – an accessible way to experience expansive, focused states of being. And that yoga can be practiced by anyone who can breathe!

It’s metaphysical

My mission in a sentence: “I want to present yoga demystified, and re-mystified”. And that should just about cover why you should, and can, do yoga – seriously!

To help people understand that “healing” necessitates a big picture of who and what one is, simplistically and with a lot of detail. My particular interest in the metaphysics of well-being shows me time and again the perfect science and system of yoga. Experience has forced me to accept responsibility for my own breathing, postural alignment and movement skills, with mindfulness as a prerequisite for effective practice and esoteric knowledge of meditation.

Mindfulness and meditation is a simple-to-do and most vital life skill… essential to survival in the challenges of our age, and evolution into greater individual and collective potential. “My approach to well-being is to help people find an inner truth, to develop a passion to create an own brand of practical and advanced systems for their individual evolution. And I have become a firm believer in the power of conscious communities, and to be the change one would like to see in the world.

Johann Kotze Music & Yoga Presentation

So that is what I share in my yoga classes

Most of the yoga basics I cover in classes, and talks or workshops, are in my book, Five Keys to Well-being. The Essentials of Effective YogaPosture, effective breathing and mobility, stress release and mindfulness. Basically holistic hatha yoga with simple but profound skills that constitute a reasonable level of preventative health care, and can help anyone connect with their personal journey towards inner peace.

I do my level best to teach and facilitate real skills to students and participants of whatever session or workshop or retreat I lead, to learn better posture, to breathe deeper, move with greater ease, better manage stress and anxiety and develop greater mindfulness. This is especially important in the context of escalating medical costs, and amidst the stress, chaos and turmoil of our times.

Johann Kotze Music & Yoga at 8 O' Clock Club


I am the appointed speaker at the 8 O’ Clock Club, Rondebosch. 28 October 2015:
Breathing effectively, being Mindful, expanding your Consciousness
Map and details here.

Johann Kotze Music & Yoga, Muizenberg
23 September 2015



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