A Chakra Mantra Workshop

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Experience your Divine Essence.
CHAKRA-MANTRA-Golden-Lotus-Divine-Soul-Essence-Incarnation-1024x533Then learn how to integrate this energy into your life experience.

Attend a Chakra Mantra Workshop to understand and learn more about yoga,
and the remarkable positive force it can be in your life

●  Understand what “Divine Essence” is and what “to activate” it means.
●  To help bring on and advance this activation we will look at some concepts of what yoga is,
●  learn specific yoga techniques (breath, sound and mantra),
●  Investigate and experience the chakras,
●  learn how to access and apply yoga’s metaphysical and holistic approach to anatomy, to
●  develop awareness (mindfulness) practices to achieve greater consciousness and personal evolution.

In a workshop you will

●  Tone a Sacred Seed Syllable for each chakra centre
●  Understand the chakras and the role the chakra system play in your life
●  Experience a direct connection to your Divine Essence
●  Learn to develop your own practice

With the ever increasing dazzle and frazzle of the world around us we simply have to step up our game of consciousness, to cope with the instabilities, and transform our personal world into greater coherence.

Where and when

OM Chakra Mantra Divine Essence Cape Town Workshop 2016 in 3 parts. Saturdays, 10.30 -12.
19 November 2016
Part 1: To cultivate an experience and understanding of consciousness and self-realisation with the traditional OM, the Chakra system and the Chakra Seed Sound (Elements) Mantra.  We connect with our divine essence to learn how it may manifest as inner peace and soul purpose.
3 December 2016
Part 2: Healing the chakra system. We look deeper into how we relate to the world via our chakras, and how to process and release our limited beliefs and limiting emotions – else we remain trapped in the planetary karma of deception, pain and pleasure. Create a safe space within where you can nurture yourself, and connect to the world around you from
Saturday 10 December 2016.
10 December 2016
● Part 3: Advancing your yoga with simple advanced practices and commitment requires razor sharp focus, and a big hearted will and surrender to the Life Force or Godhead. The advanced yoga here is not difficult; rather simple but essential versions of mudras and bandhas, fanning the fire, breath retention and abdominal lifts, knowledge of the energy bodies (sheaths), titbits of Vedas and Bhagevad Gita, Patanjali’s Sutras and the importance of devotion and prayer. Essential to escape negativity earth trap energies

Cost (Launching 2016 fee) is a normal class credit per workshop (excludes morning class) whatever rate your are paying (10 card = R55, 5 card = 65, drop-in = R80).
If you’re on an Unlimited Month cost is also R 55.
Free class for my students  10 Dec. R80 drop-in. 

More dates to be announced for 2016 & 2017.
Online Chakra Mantra Workshops available soon.


How activating the chakras helps your life

This experience helps you gain a clearer understanding of who and what you are as a human being, and how to engage with your personal process of evolution to help bring about the realisation of the bliss you experience in the workshop, into your ordinary life.

Simultaneous meditation and concentration on the chakras, the sounding of the Seed Syllables, and repeated sounding of the OM, purifies and balance the chakra system. The crown chakra is aligned with the other chakras, aligned with higher self and the cosmic intelligence, to reveal the Bliss of Divine Essence.

● Expand and focus your Yoga Practice
● Find your soul purpose
● Align your life with your soul purpose
● Bring you greater fulfilment and joy

About the Chakra Mantra Workshop 

●  90 Minutes long
●  Initiate a firm basic and advanced chakra understanding
You will learn how to use the Chakra Mantra Meditation Audio Program

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More about the benefits

You will be shown to optimise your chakra system to be more centred, better process challenges and stress, to be peaceful, creative, happy and more fulfilled.

●  Purify and balance the chakras and the chakra system
●  Purify and balance the bodymind with environmental energies
●  Direct, experiential understanding of the chakras
●  Imparts the wisdom of consciousness, in the body, to activate the Light Body
●  You may think of your soul purpose as a quest for conscious incarnation and inner peace

Who can do a Chakra Mantra Workshop?

Any person on a quest for self development. Yoga practitioners, yoga teachers and therapists.

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OM Blessings
In Yoga, Cape Town

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