Why Yoga and Cranio-Sacral Therapy goes so well together

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An old adage in yoga is that one is as healthy as one’s spine.

Cranio-Sacral Therapy, like yoga, knows a healthy spine promotes systemic vitality for greater well-being – a superb combination to release and process the impact of stressful living and trauma, to unlock the body’s natural healing intelligence.

Cranio-Sacral treatment supports four major aspects of what yoga is all about:
● mobility of the spine
effortless breathing
● systemic equilibrium
expansive states of consciousness

Healthy Spine Yoga Cranio-Sacral Cape Town

In contrast with the often prevalent images of yoga as a bendy, stretchy, twisty, contortionist practice, or strangely esoteric, occult philosophy, yoga can actually be remarkably simple and do-able. In tune with this is cranio-sacral therapy; non-invasive, and does not manipulate. Its “holds”, or hand positions, help release the energetic and physical blockages or traumas in the cranio-sacral system (spine, cranio-sacral fluid and associated muscles and nervous system). The aim is not so much to manipulate the physical body or its energetic flow, as to “open” the body systemically to help life force  flow more easily into it, and circulate within its systems,  to release the various layers of limitation from the body mind.

Gentle, classical hatha yoga aims to loosen the body, limbs and mind, relative to the state or condition of the practitioner. Such “loosening” refers to the release of energetic blockages that prevents the physical and energetic system of body, mind and emotion to experience natural equilibrium. This helps restore the natural rhythm of the spinal fluid, and boost the nervous system to its optimum states to help balance the endocrine system, which helps the body mind thrive.

In yoga an optimised nervous system, a state of calm, alert awareness, supports expansive states of consciousness. This encourages holistic well-being, and in the process, personal evolution.

craniosacral yoga studio cape town

Cranio-sacral work is complementary to any yoga practice, especially restorative yoga

In yoga “every aspect of practice helps develop the whole, and the whole supports development of every aspect, in an endless, uplifting feedback spiral”.

Simplistically speaking yoga poses such as the dynamic cat-dog stretches, or half bridge, does the same for the spine as a crania-sacral therapy does. And like cranio-sacral these two poses and yoga in general, stimulates health of the endocrine system, the hormonal system of the body. The body chemistry is the scaffolding of the whole energy system much like the skeletal system is to the body. Yoga helps induce a similar benficial body mind states, referred to in cranio-sacral as “still point”, which happens in a session when the patient shifts into a healing state. Yogi’s adept at deep meditation is familiar with this body mind state.

Treat your yoga practice to a cranio-sacral session.

Sandra Smit, also a homeopath, is an experienced cranio-sacral therapist with a practice next door to my Muizenberg Yoga Studio.

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