13 Jul 2015

A Weekend Yoga Retreat

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A wonderful opportunity to do yoga at leisure, at a lovely place, only one hour drive drive from Cape Town city. At Fynbos Estate, you feel secluded and welcome, a great place to easily connect to your eternal, inner peace. ● End of September weekend, Friday 25 – Sunday 27th, 2015 ● R 1 700 includes all activities, […]

11 Jul 2015

Lightness of being

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I often wonder what it sounds like when persons talk about stuff like “light bodies” to others who are not so accustomed to such things. Sometimes I even wonder myself, as part of an ongoing of enquiry of what reality may be, and how to present the multiple options from my yoga teacher perspective. I recently […]

6 Jul 2015

Self-realisation & Yoga Part 2 – Meditation

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Meditation is the essence of yoga and the key to self-realisation Continued from Part 1, the preceding blog Self-realisation & Yoga. Yoga says “self” can only be known in meditation. And it instructs us to meditate in the body, utilising the “bodymind”, as a whole.  to know self. This is why “yoga” also means to “yoke”, or […]

6 Jul 2015

Self-realisation & Yoga

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Yoga often mentions self-realisation as its ultimate goal. The path to “realise” “self” may be a long and winding road. A good place to begin is to investigate who, or what, self is. One may think of it as a process of remembering who we are. The “self” yoga refers to far too easily gets buried under a […]

25 Jun 2015

Yoga, Light Body Consciousness & Meditation Music

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Meditating, with body awareness helps one experience what is mentioned in some texts, ancient or more recent “new age” movements, as the “light body”. Activate & Celebrate Your Light Body:   What is a light body? When I talk about the “light body”, “expanding consciousness” and such, I often wonder what this sound like to others, or what it even […]

19 Jun 2015

International Yoga Day & Visualising Light in the South African Darkness

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When I was in India last year I was astonished at how excited the country’s people, in general, were excited about their new president Narendra Modi. They all felt a positve transformation taking place under his leadership. Modi actually practice yoga. He says “Yoga embodies unity of mind and body; thought and action; restraint and fulfilment; harmony […]

28 May 2015

Do-able Yoga

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Yoga can be a daunting thing… Most people can’t bend, stretch, twist and balance their bodies the way yoga is popularly portrayed. The logical conclusion of a stiff person or someone suffering chronic physical ailments may be that yoga is not for them. Prospective students who call me or email me to enquire about my classes begins, […]

19 May 2015

Yoga & The Infinite Way

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There is, within us, a limitless capacity for peace, love and light. Nurturing a conscious inner connection to the Infinite Eternal Self, while we exist in the dualistic world, is a source of comfort, and a means to transcend of ordinary, local reality. When we don’t live from such a centre essence we rely on control and […]

14 Apr 2015

Yoga & Self-love, Love & Enlightenment

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Not everyone who practice yoga has enlightenment in mind. Yet I am certain that most persons who do yoga frequently do so because they feel “lighter” after a class. I was first drawn to yoga because it suggests potential (!) enlightenment to serious practitioners. But also consider that enlightenment is a lightness of heart. How is that […]

16 Mar 2015

Light of All Light

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Light of All light is a music production I created as a seed for peace. It hints at a metaphysical-spiritual notion that there is “a greater Light” behind the “ordinary light” of the world. That peace is always there, thought mostly buried under layers of outer conflict. When one connects with the conscious awareness of inner peace, it begins to […]

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