Chakra Mantra to Activate Divine Essence

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CHAKRA MANTRA Golden Lotus Divine Soul Essence Incarnation

A Meditation Mantra for Universal Consciousness 

In the “Chakra Mantra” a Sacred Seed Syllable is toned for each chakra centre. The sound vibration, in Sanskrit, activates the chakra vortexes as intersect points in the body.  To balance and strengthen the chakra system as an interactive bridge between the Universal Life Force, the body and “Life on Earth” is of primary importance to the yogi.

Integral, or holistic hatha yoga, from Sivananda to Kundalini styles, combines simultaneous breathing, sounding, meditation and concentration on the chakras, with Awareness In OM, to interchangeably purify and balance the BodyMind and its chakra system.

When a sufficient state of consciousness is achieved the crown chakra, sahasrara, in alignment with the other chakras, connected to higher self, is awakened to the cosmic intelligence. An experience of the Bliss of Divine Essence is approximated.

Insights from such experiences help reveal true being, and is a necessary aspect of soul purpose. The Chakra Mantra Practice helps guide its practitioner to develop the insights and skills to work with higher self, soul, and align with the Divine Essence of higher being, and manifest its gifts and blessings.

A Chakra Mantra practice

The practice combines knowledge and understanding of the chakra system, direct experience of your own chakra system, and a guided chakra activation practice with music.

This is an advanced level yoga practice that anyone can do, as it is so simple. To deeply connect into the practice, more easily, knowledge and experience of yoga meditation is preferable.

Please read to the end of this text before listening to the recording using the linked online player.

●  Study the chakras at the blog links at bottom of this page
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●  Recordings in Player below

The 15 Minute OM Yoga Chakra Mantra Audio

●  Listen to the audio on my SoundCloud mp3 player after reading all the text
●  Please use headphones, or high quality audio equipment
●  Sit (or lie) in a comfortable meditation position, where you won’t be interrupted, close your eyes, and  breathe a few deep, slow breaths

The track begins with an introduction and three A-U-M’s
The same format is repeated for each chakra,
starting at the root chakra, and moving up chakra by chakra, to the 6th chakra, before integrating with the 7th chakra, the crown.

In the recording each chakra its Sanskrit name is spoken, followed by an OM, and its Sacred Seed Syllable. (One may also simply chant OM, followed by the Chakra sound, OM, chakra sound, etc.). 

Sounding the OM to reach Sahasrara – Bliss – Divine Essence. Repetition can help you access a meditative state. Focus on the different regions of the body associated with each syllable/chakra with each mantras

The OM is to awaken the whole chakra system. The A, sound of OM is started at the root and belly, ending in a fine overtone vibration of M in the forehead. The elements of te chakras are rhythmically intoned as powerful, explosive sounds, a chain of Mantra seeds that culminates in the opening of the crown, or lotus of enlightenment, when the collection of chakras are purified and synergised.

Chakras & sounds, with position and element references

●  1st Chakra. Muladhara – LAM. Root/ Earth
●  2nd Chakra. Svadhisthana – VAM. Belly/ Water
●  3rd Chakra. Manipura – RAM. Solar Plexus/ Fire
●  4th Chakra. Anahata – YAM. Center of chest/ Air
●  5th Chakra. Vishudha – HAM. Throat/ Space or Ether
●  6th Chakra. Ajna – OM. Third Eye/ All that Is
●  7th Chakra. Sahasrara. Crown. Thousandfold Lotus of Wisdom of Bliss and Divine Essence

Chakra Mantra OM Yoga (Track & Program Playlist)

Please click on the weblink that will take you directly to the SoundCloud online player for my Yoga & Music productions.

●  The 15 minute Chakra Mantra track
●  The Chakra Mantra track is set in a 60 minute playlist that include:
OM tracks with vibrant beats
OM tracks with Deep Peace Chanting
Meditation Mood Music

Chakra Mantra Meditation Program 

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Also available:
Chakra Mantra Program with Sacred Names 

OM Blessings
In Yoga,

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