Familiar practices rooted in less explored areas of yoga philosophy 

The recent emphasis on the doing of yoga as predominantly asana practice, garnished and flavoured with references to the roots lineage of ancient yoga or not, has grown as fast as the commercial world is paced.

To penetrate the true magnificent potency of Yoga requires a slow, deep study. To feel great and thrive with yoga requires a lightness that cannot be accessed without going under the surface. The Yoga of Union is through direct experience of that one-ness, Self with All, in practice of asana, pranayama and meditation, with philosophical understanding and theoretical knowledge or self-realisation. Here we find out that Hatha Yoga is not in opposition to anything, but is a holistic way of being, a Golden Middle Way.

To enrich one’s life, as a human being, or formally as instructor, with this Gold, is as important for ourselves as it is for others. Share the riches with others – it helps us discover and amplify our soul purpose, and ground and direct our lives. The practice of a philosophical and esoteric Yoga of Understanding in my classes pay forward the lineage of Sivananda Yoga that I was trained in, and is my contribution to address the absence of such a yoga as taught in many mainstream practices.

In our courses we get to know yoga by doing yoga in “awareness of awareness”. The intensives are like one long yoga class, with satsang or discourse, to show us how to share or teach the practices in deep appreciation of our own practice.

All modules are available on a 1-1 tutor basis, in my studio or online (Skype).

Cape Town Advanced Intensive Course

The course is informed by my training in the Sivananda Yoga lineage, and understanding of the essentials of a simple but holistic yoga, and a wide ranging, lifelong interest in varied spiritual traditions and modern human potential self-development. All learning is based in direct perception of practices from mudra to mantra, to understanding chakras and duality, and the non-duality of Self-realisation – Bliss.

Four 50 Hour Modules/ 7 Day Intensives

The 200 Hour Course is divided up into four modules, each module is a valid, free-standing entity, that adds up to a 200 hour course. Each course contains practical application and teaching of the skills of the specific module. Because there is an underlaying integration to the whole of the greater yoga system, the training for those who would like to teach what they learn is possible after completion of any module.

Advantages of a modular learning includes time for digestion and integration of the learning, and does not require a big month chunk out of life in once go. All the modules reinforce another, in a holistic Yoga of Understanding and with a Hatha Yoga basis. The Self-realisation philosophy of Module 1 is applied in direct perception of all the modules, in practice of asana and mediation.

● Module 1. Turn on your Bliss with Advanced Yoga

The main topics of how to “realise self” can only be approached on a metaphysical level. To keep the knowledge real and practical is as important as acknowledging that the wisdom of the Universal Mind of All That Is begins with deep understanding the greater yoga. This greater goal of yoga is self-realisation, its bottom-line, and how to rewire the bodymind to Overself, and operate as Universal Being of Bliss is, naturally, a process, a path of personal growth. This module and the 200 hour course intensive plant the seeds, and provide the means for particpants to practice and surrender in Yoga, surrender and practice, to Yoga. More details.

● Module 2. The Practice of Yoga & The Art of Teaching Yoga

Develop a deep and solid asana and pranayama practice as foundation for meditation. We learn how knowledge of beginner, intermediate and advanced asana practices, in appreciation of a full Hatha Yoga, serve to bring a committed practitice of yoga in line with its goal of self-realisation. To this aim we strengthen our understanding of yogic philosophy, of healing and bliss, in reference to other modules. We learn that all teaching and self practice should come from self-knowledge. The Art of Teaching is understood in self observation and observation of others. Actual teaching skills are workshopped, and the sharing and application of the Yoga Way is motivated and encouraged. More details.

● Module 3. Anatomy and physiology

Our yoga practice happens in the body; we live in a constant physicality. To achieve yoga requires a deep understanding of our physiology based lives. All yoga practice relates to anatomy, in the same sense that all yoga practice is also philosophical, all asana is meditation, and so on, for it to “truly be Yoga”. March – June 2019, details to follow. 

● Module 4. Healing Yoga

A consolidation of the other 3 modules, from a therapeutic yoga perspective. We cover all Hatha Yoga practices in terms of expanding our potential, as well as remedial or healing yoga as cure or coping mechanism in case of injury, illness and other traumas and abuses. Healing means “to make whole” or complete, and holistic application of all aspects of energetic healing or therapy to physical existence lets us incorporate modalities such as Reiki and Craniosacral therapy as aspects of “energy healing” and physiotherapy. We also look at meditation and spirituality, standalone, as well as in context of physiology, and community, or welfare of society. March – June 2019, details to follow. 

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Is this course for me? Considerations of interests, certification and costing

This course is not of the run-of-the-mill mainstream yoga variety, although by no means anti-commercial.

We gain understanding of why and how we practice yoga asana, pranayama, meditation and other practices through experience, informed by theoretical knowledge and philosophical understanding of Being Human, in context of Yoga of Union or self-realisation.

Particpants of receive a certificate of attendance. Read more about the certification and value of certification here.

Current module fee is R 3 750 and R 15 000 total.

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2 July 2018.

Yoga Teacher Course Intensive Johann Kotze


Dear Johann: You have been my favourite yoga teacher/Swami and spiritual teacher, and your life choices and work ethic is inspiring. Your yoga classes have been the basis for my deepening spiritual understanding and growth as a Yogi, but also as a woman with many aspects… it has given me a space to look at what I really want in my life, while healing my body and mind. This is incredible part of my Yoga journey! Wow!! For any Yogi’s or Lovers of Yoga in Cape Town or travelling to Cape Town, make sure you attend classes with Johann. For anyone looking into Yoga teacher training, you definitely want to contact Johann for more info on his incredible, authentic, spiritual and true Yoga courses! The level of understanding, self realisation and gratitude that comes from this space is beyond what words could describe. Even if you are not wanting to teach Yoga but balance your lifestyle, reduce stress and anxiety, improve your physical body, gain a body-mind connect etc etc. I am humbled and honoured to have been able to complete this course and I will continue to grow, share and expand for myself and my clients.

Candace Kentridge-Britton, training teacher certified with me in 2018.
She has been teaching full-time in U.S. since March 2019.
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