5 Feb 2020

Sound of Yoga: Mantra Monk Music

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The music video clips below are of three diverse music genres, fused into one… Iron Monk Mantra Blues… chant/overtone voice with slide guitar, keyboard, and singing bowl. Iron Monk is the working title for the sound of the 1st video, which is new music for my Ambient Hypnosis Music label. I am working these sounds into […]

18 Jan 2020

Do Yoga to avoid Bad Politics

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The Universe, as “a field of intelligence”, with a Creation and Creator, easily becomes quite complicated and muddled in attempt to grasp exactly what it is, how it came about, and where it is going to. “In the gaze of Yoga” we can more easily understand life, philosophically, and find meaning or purpose: Yoga as […]

12 Dec 2019

Bridges for Music – installing healthy, creative leadership

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Bridges for Music academy, in the heart of an old part of Langa, just outside Cape Town City, inspires well-being. It’s students are guided towards a healthy way of life, because its co-founder, Valentino Barrioseta, thinks of himself and the small group of students, as being in a community leadership program. Valentino knows that the […]

5 Dec 2019

Chilled Sunday Yoga & Music Session at Unity Jam Festival, Family Stage

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Cape Town’s festive Muizenberg beach village is set to rock the December 2019 weekend of the 14-15th with the Unity Jam Festival. Branded as “Everybody’s Festival” for the local community, it also has separate Family & Party stages. There is Yoga on Saturday and Sunday mornings at the Family Stage, Zandvlei Rendezvous. Chilled Sunday Yoga […]

30 Nov 2019

Relaxed Yoga – pragmatic, happy living, if you will

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For me yoga has a big chill-out appeal… consciously, in the BodyMind. My classes have a distinct motivation to restore, the body and mind. At the Ananda Kutir Ashram, based on the teachings of Swami Sivananda, there was a course stretching over several years in remedial yoga. We had therapeutic yoga decades before the hype […]

18 Jul 2019

Know, nourish & grow

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To understand Self and Oneself, in the world, is to nourish oneself in self-knowledge, and grow in wisdom. This is what I share in my yoga classes and training, because this is what interests me, and it makes more sense to me than anything else. Early on in my teaching career I had three symbols made […]

18 May 2019

Buddha Nature & Yoga

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The mind wants you to think about stuff, about what it wants. That thinking mind will dominate body and soul – the inner being. Connect with inner being and you will see who you really are, not what the mind wants you to think you are. Those words on “came”, so to speak, from my Buddha nature, […]

28 Apr 2019

Rousing and Grounding, an Exodus Within

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Life and God, God and life. God in life, Life in God. Whatever the meaning of all these type of statements may be, the religious aspect of life is nothing but a facade unless there is an inner practice. The inner practice itself is nothing but a crutch or a dependancy unless there is an […]

4 Feb 2019

The Gateless Gate of Samadhi ebook

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A gateway of soul purpose The essence of this book is to help guide the sincere seeker of Samadhi to the Gateless Gate, a metaphysical bodymind state, to provide the curiosity and means, and above all, sincerity and power, to pass through the gate, and return safely to where we always already are – peacefully, in the here, now. […]

3 Dec 2018

A Yoga Ambassador of One-ness

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Paramahansa Yogananda brought a very different kind of yoga to the West (pre 2nd World War era) than the modern stretch, relax and oversize bendy stretch version of what is not really yoga. In this Instagram post below he beautifully talks about cherishing life, now. Note how he describes a spirituality that is not specifically religious, […]

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