22 May 2018

Yoga is an all natural, cutting edge technology

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Yoga is an all natural, cutting edge technology. Currently trending as a popular exercise and well-being practice the yoga lore says the “original” yoga is as old as time. Yoga is essentially an “organic” practice, where the adjective means ” relating to or derived from living matter”. An “organic” diet ethos is reflected in many parallel trends […]

1 May 2018

Sunrise Yoga on Muizenberg Beach & Mountain Adventures to feed the Soul

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Sunrise is the most spectacular daily event on Earth. Muizenberg is blessed with a mountain that meets the beach – an excellent place for a soulful adventure or yoga for the soul. Due to weather conditions a love of outdoors with a serious sense of fun and unstoppable enthusiasm is sometimes required – but particpants […]

10 Mar 2018

Rumi, Love & Yoga

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My track “Magnificent” includes a poem by Rumi, These words are those of a true master-mystic: We are a drop in the ocean, and the ocean, is a drop in us. Rumi was 13th-century Persian Sunni Muslim poet, jurist, Islamic scholar, theologian, before becoming a Sufi mystic. The words he became famous for had the elegance and wisdom of a being throughly versed in in an […]

1 Mar 2018

Effortless Effort – do yoga and get more done with less work

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In yoga effortless effort is a productive focus to have, and it’s all about quality, not quantity. In the yoga style I share our rest periods are used contextually for bodymind contemplation on rejuvenation; and not from inability to do exercise. It’s pacing oneself for greater well-being in the long run, with an immediate result […]

20 Feb 2018

The Yoga Point of View

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In meditation intuitive consciousness cuts right through the illusion and misperception caused by exclusive or excessive linear thinking. A belief is an illusion. A strongly held opinion is a chain that binds the believer to a point of view. An open mind and open heart is the pulse and impulse of an innocent child, an […]

8 Feb 2018

Mindfulness. Awareness. Consciousness. Yoga

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Mindfulness is when the mind is fully aware of itself, in its body. It is the mind tuned in to its immediate physical reality, not dominated by thought or emotiona. In awareness of itself, self, the being, it achieves a state of bodymind that is uniquely positioned to understand an objective reality. With practice and research […]

23 Jan 2018

Illuminated by Yoga

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Yoga is a complete body-mind practice. Observing the mechanics of the full trunk ujia breath, air moving in and out, through the nose, with a deep chesty sound (vs. shallow, sharp and tight “sniff” breathing), focussed on forehead-brow point, is pure marvellousness. The dynamic interplay of muscle with mind, listening to the sound of a […]

10 Dec 2017

Ocean Balm Ambient Music – Stream the Dream

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A recent video clip from a Muizenberg Beach sunrise when I went for a morning run. Had awesome creative fun turning it into a short video to promote my Being Ambient Music. You can stream literally hours and hours of my music just from iTunes to Youtube and, although most South Africans can’t access it, Spotify. Please stream my dream! It’s […]

4 Dec 2017

Urban Yogi

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Be it as it may, many a modern yogi is perched in an apartment or suburb rather than on a rock, or under a rock, in a cave, or on a hilltop. Yoga turns the world upside down. Everything changes and everything stays the same. Eternal Self, energy and matter remains in interplay. #satsang #yogalife […]

3 Dec 2017

Thoughts on yoga and self-enquiry

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Aware “thinking”, self-observation in the sense of meditative contemplation and watching oneself as in a science study, noting behaviour, reactions, energy or anxiety levels, being mindful of the environment, it’s part of yoga, as the path of yoga is towards union, of Self with Everything. From the outset make sure that self-indulgence and self-centredenss is […]

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