Yoga is an all natural, cutting edge technology

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FacebooktwitterpinterestmailFacebooktwitterpinterestmailYoga is an all natural, cutting edge technology. Currently trending as a popular exercise and well-being practice the yoga lore says the “original” yoga is as old as time. Yoga is essentially an “organic” practice, where the adjective means ” relating to or derived from living matter”. An “organic” diet ethos is reflected in many parallel trends such as veganism. While diet is important in holistic yoga what defines it is it’s emphasis on improvement of the flow of Life Force or Prana into the body, to stimulate health, and activate conscious awareness. yogic light body incarnation According to the “original yoga” philosophy the Creator and Creation is All That Is, a presence beyond ordinary reality understanding. Mysterious and perhaps flakey to some it makes sense in that no-one really knows all the facts of existence. Neither does yoga, but the sustained practice of full spectrum yoga techniques and metaphysical philosophy, does reveal a profound, unsurpassed understanding of natural based universal intelligence – see the word concepts of the above diagram. Read my Instagram post below and follow me for more yoga commentaries. Study advanced yoga with me – Bliss with Yoga.

Johann, in the blessings of yoga OM Shanti, Muizenberg Beach, Cape Town, 22 May 2018.

Yoga is an organic technology of tremendous capacity to tune human beings to highly evolved levels of consciousness. The chakra system is part of a magnificent physical-energetic structure that enables the bodymind to interact with immediate and distant energy fields. The chakra interface is 100% nature intelligence because the bodymind itself is the device. No manmade technology is required. In yoga only the breath, body and mind itself is used to balance and stimulate the medical and esoteric functions of the endocrine system. Each chakra corresponds to a gland that regulates the body chemistry and nervous system. Together these systems influence the state of mind as much as the state of mind influences them, and how we are as human beings. This is why the chakras are a bridge interface between All That Is and the flesh and bone reality. An energetic gateway to the stars, within and without. #yogastudio #yoga #capetown #chakra #meditation #endocrine #spirit #arniston

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